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Describe the model that your group is working on that is the basis of your first assignment (u04a1 ? Problem Identification and Model Planning). P

 Describe the model that your group is working on that is the basis of your first assignment (u04a1 – Problem Identification and Model Planning). Put it in the context of your proposed problem. Explain why it is appropriate in light of the problem and the Community Action Center’s needs. 

Problem Identification and Model Planning

Taliegha Carter

Capella University


Professor Morgan McAfee


Problem Identification and Model Planning

Identification of the Problem

The problem selected is whether there was a difference in levels of family conflict for those who received legal support compared to those who did not. Teens involved in the juvenile system are more likely than their peers to experience family conflicts and negative life outcomes. Notably, these youths have greater risks of emotional and mental health issues, occupational problems, and educational difficulties. Consequently, they cannot defend themselves and must be represented by an attorney in criminal proceedings. However, not all juvenile offenders receive child-friendly legal aid, which reduces their access to justice. It is important to learn about the role of legal support in improving a child’s ability to reintegrate and rehabilitate after the proceedings and how this might shield against family conflict to help with the homelessness program. Homeless Teen Program director and staff believe that the approach to addressing the roots of homeless is the key source of the program’s success. Family problems are the main focus, given the role of family support in reducing homelessness. Therefore, increasing Helping Hands’ understanding of the connection between legal support among juvenile offenders and family conflicts helps them understand the need for family intervention.

The data analytics process can be useful for analyzing family conflict trends among teens with a history of juvenile system involvement. For instance, it will help the program team to obtain insights into predictive factors that led to homeless, such as the number of homeless teens who have been involved in the juvenile system, teens who received legal support after the involvement, the number of stays in the system, interactions with family, and how those who received legal support are responding to program compared to those who did not. The six phases of the data analytic life cycle include discovery, data preparation, model planning, model building, communicating results, and operationalizing (Services, 2015). These phases will help the team determine whether it is appropriate to stay in the current state or move to the next.

Identification of Data Needed

The quantitative data used to evaluate the problem include age, the number of stays in the juvenile justice system, number of teens who had conflicts with their families after returning from the system, frequency of the conflict, enrollment in the support system, and attendance. These variables are appropriate because they will help the team identify whether receiving legal support after involving in the juvenile system can serve as protective agents against the impact of the system on family conflicts. Linear regression analysis would be appropriate because it shows how strong the relationship between two variables is.

The qualitative data that would be helpful include parental attitudes, parenting style, physical violence, degree of family cohesion, and other factors that affect child character development. There are also non-family factors such as lack of access to legal support, failure juvenile justice system, drug abuse, mental health problems, genetic problems, and poverty. These variables are appropriate in determining the frequency of characteristics that help understand participants better. Content analysis is important in quantifying and analyzing relationships, meanings and the presence of specific concepts, themes and words to determine bias (Colombia University, 2019). It is conducted by selecting content to analyze, defining analysis categories and units, establishing coding rules, processing the text based on the rules, evaluating the results, and deriving inferences.

Group Collaboration

We formed the group by setting clear group goals, considering steps to achieve these goals, determining flexible ground rules for group cohesion, creating group roles, building trust and promoting open communication, and initiating discussions. Group collaboration improved my understanding of the problem by exposing me to diverse perspectives and enhancing my vocabulary responsibility and critical thinking.


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