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Describe what it takes to be an effective budget officer in a postsecondary institution. Are there

specific experiences, education, knowledge, and skills required for somebody in this position?

What are some biblical principles that should guide a Christian budget officer?

Support your discussion from a biblical worldview with specific Scripture passages. The paper

must include at least 3 references in addition to the Bible. Be sure to clearly identify major parts

of your paper using section headings. The body of the paper must be 1,000–1,200 words.

This assignment must reflect current APA style, which includes, but is not limited to, using one

inch margins on all sides, 12-point Times New Roman font, consecutive page numbers in the

upper right corner of the header, a title page, an abstract, and references page.

Requirements: SEE ABOVE

CriteriaRatingsPointsDiscussionof AssignedTopic36 to >32 ptsAdvancedExcellent details andexamples are provided.The author discusses allrequired elements, andbalances the discussionwith a similar amount ofcontent for each requireditem.32 to >29 ptsProficientThe required elementsare discussed in aproficient manner. Someof the information isincomplete or unclear. The author providessome details andexamples.29 to >0 ptsDevelopingThe requiredelements are poorlydeveloped. Most ofthe information isincomplete. Theauthor does notprovide sufficientdetails or examples.0 ptsNot Present36 ptsAnalysisandCritique35 to >31 ptsAdvancedA thoughtful, focused,in-depth analysis of thetopic is presented.31 to >28 ptsProficientInformation providesreasonable support for acritique. It displaysevidence of a basicanalysis.28 to >0 ptsDevelopingInformation supportsa critique. Analysis isbasic and general.Reader gains fewinsights.0 ptsNot Present35 ptsPracticalApplication17 to >15 ptsAdvancedPractical applicationdescribing the informationlearned with goodpersonal insight forapplication or future usein higher education.15 to >13 ptsProficientApplies most of theinformation learnedappropriately with somepersonal insight forapplication or future use.13 to >0 ptsDevelopingApplies some of theinformation learnedappropriately withlittle personal insightfor application orfuture use.0 ptsNot Present17 ptsBiblicalWorldview17 to >15 ptsAdvancedRelevant scripturalprinciples andperspectives from abiblical worldview areincluded. The authorprovides at least 1relevant Bible verse forthis topic.15 to >13 ptsProficientA biblical worldview ispresented withsupporting scripture,however some of theinformation isincomplete or unclear.The author providessome details andexamples.13 to >0 ptsDevelopingApplication of abiblical worldview ispoorly developed.Most of theinformation isincomplete. Theauthor does notprovide details orexamples.0 ptsNot Present17 ptsBrief Paper Grading Rubric | EDUC783_B02_202340

CriteriaRatingsPointsSpelling,Grammar,andSentenceStructure15 to >13 ptsAdvancedCorrect spelling,grammar, and sentencestructure are usedthroughout the essay.There are 0–2 errors thatdistract the reader fromthe content.13 to >12 ptsProficientThere are 3–5 errors inspelling, grammar, orsentence structure thatdistract the reader fromthe content.12 to >0 ptsDevelopingThere are 6–10errors in spelling,grammar, orsentence structurethat distract thereader from thecontent.0 ptsNot PresentThere are morethan 10 errors inthe spelling,grammar, orsentencestructure thatdistract thereader from thecontent.15 ptsCurrentAPA FormatCompliance15 to >13 ptsAdvancedThere are 0–1 minorerrors in current APAformat in the requireditems: title page, abstractpage, margins, font typeand size, line spacing,headings, citations, andreferences.13 to >12 ptsProficientThere are 2–3 minorerrors in current APAformat in the requireditems.12 to >0 ptsDevelopingThere are more than3 errors in currentAPA format in therequired items.0 ptsNot PresentA title page isnot presentand/or there aremore than 5errors in currentAPA format inthe requireditems.15 ptsWord CountandReferences15 to >13 ptsAdvancedThe body of the paper is1,000–1,200 words. Thepaper includes at least 3references in addition tothe Bible.13 to >12 ptsProficientThe body of the paper is800–1,000 words. Thepaper includes only 2references in addition tothe Bible.12 to >0 ptsDevelopingThe body of thepaper is less than800 words. Thepaper includes only1 reference.0 ptsNot Present15 ptsTotal Points: 150Brief Paper Grading Rubric | EDUC783_B02_202340