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Developmental Realms An advanced practice nurse (APN) plays a considerable role in refining young adults; health with the help of preventive screening. This strategy

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BEATRIZ ARENCIBIA Developmental Realms An advanced practice nurse (APN) plays a considerable role in refining young adults’ health with the help of preventive screening. This strategy is one of the most important and effective for facilitating early diagnosing and creating an individual treatment plan, which allows the prevention of premature lethal outcomes (Bell et al., 2017). Thus, it is important for nurses to focus on promoting this practice among the younger generation and to become a mentor for them in health issues and the associated preventive measures, which will improve their quality of life. The role of APN includes providing evidence-based education to young people, counseling, and the promotion of the idea that preventive screening is important. It is possible to do this in clinics, hospitals, as well as colleges and universities. Moreover, the ways of informing young clients can vary, from personal conversations and lectures to textbooks, handouts, and peer-reviewed online sources. Therefore, providing patient education is APN’s key role in developing awareness of preventive screening among young adults. Furthermore, APN’s role in improving the health of young patients through conducting interventions is significant. Healthcare implies a wide spectrum of sensitive nursing interventions useful for maintaining young adults’ wellness guided by evidence- based findings like nutrition, elimination, mobility, and hygiene, which can prolong patients’ lives and increase their satisfaction levels (Richards et al., 2018). The main role of a nurse is not only to enhance the quality of interventions but to promote this practice among young people as well. APNs can spread information both in medical and educational institutions through face- to-face meetings, seminars, training, videos, and memos. Education is the basis for increasing knowledge about interventions, their necessity, and positive outcomes. Additionally, the role of a nurse is to teach patients self-care, like developing personalized diet and exercising plan, the individual selection of hygiene products, providing advice to relieve stress and sex education. Thus, like in the case of preventive screening, the main tool of APN in improving the health of young people is patient education, including self-care. YAKELIN AVILA The National Health Priority Policy and the Organized Health Workforce Policy both list the health of young adults as one of their top priorities, which aims to offer quality care and improve healthcare outcomes by providing cutting-edge medical services. By promoting ideal health practices, healthy lifestyle behaviors, and supporting people in maximizing their potential for healthy, productive lives, nurses align themselves with the primary and specialty prevention disciplines to optimize the health of young adults. The paper's discussion of nurses' contributions will help young adults struggling with obesity improve their eating habits. The medical industry requires nurse practitioners to offer services that many doctors might not be able to. The nurse practitioner's involvement in treating obesity has grown. In China, obesity has spread like wildfire, with about 60% of the population being obese. About 1.4 million Chinese children are overweight, and 40 percent will eventually develop diabetes (Gan, 2020). The nurse practitioner must understand how obesity relates to other chronic diseases to prevent obesity effectively. They must be aware of how a person develops a food addiction and keep an eye on their eating patterns and dietary intake. Caretakers and patients can use various tools to learn more about their nutritional habits, such as food diaries or food logs. This would give the nurse practitioner a better understanding of the patient's diet and the necessary knowledge for managing their weight and leading a healthier lifestyle. Eating well and physical education go hand in hand. As an advanced practice nurse, you can impart the fundamentals of creating a healthy lifestyle through physical education. By educating people about the five food groups or the nutritional value of different foods, you can help them break bad eating habits. For instance, if someone's diet is deficient in iron, they can take a multivitamin daily. After they have mastered these fundamental ideas, they might be introduced to more sophisticated nutritional practices and a range of health-related subjects, like the effects of sugar on the body or hormone regulation. About 36 million young adults in the United States who are 19 or older are thought to be obese ("Adult Obesity Facts," 2022). Although obesity is a chronic condition, it can be avoided before it worsens. In primary care, a nurse practitioner's main objective is to prevent illness or disease in the first place rather than treat it later in life. Every young adult would access primary care services in an ideal world. However, only 12% of Americans have visited a doctor in the previous 12 months (Leonhardt, 2020). Some sections of the population still lack access to preventive care and education about healthy lifestyle choices. Many will visit other providers and get regular medical care for health issues. Additionally, there is a lack of continuity from provider to provider and little follow-up after the initial consultation, even though the services they receive might be effective. Because of this, the high-risk population and those managing chronic diseases must seek other resources, such as nurses or nurse practitioners, to maintain their health at the highest possible level.

In conclusion, nurses play a crucial role in assisting young adults in the battle against diseases like obesity. By bridging the gap between patients and doctors, their role in the medical industry is better explained. As the number of young people suffering from obesity continues to soar, advanced nurses are gaining a better understanding of the problem.


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