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Direction: Read the scenario below and answer the questions with the most appropriate theory


Direction: Read the scenario below and answer the questions with the most appropriate theory identified. Make sure to write in complete sentences and in no less than five sentences.  

Larry Cooper, Jr., was brought to the Community Youth Diversion Agency by his parents, Larry Cooper, Sr., and Nina Cooper. The County Juvenile Court referred Mr. and Mrs. Cooper following an incident in which Larry and some other boys were caught breaking into a neighborhood school. Some vandalism occurred, and the nurse's office was broken into. A small amount of marijuana was found on some of the boys. This is the first time Larry has gotten into trouble. A hearing has been set for June 14 to determine if Larry will be put on probation. Larry's schoolwork has been declining, and he is spending less time at home and is refusing to do household chores. Mrs. Cooper is very concerned about the possibility that her son may be involved with drugs. In an effort to prevent Larry's entry into the child welfare or juvenile justice system, the court has recommended he comply by attending your program. The family has requested the program's services and is willing to cooperate. However, they are also aware that the alternative to involvement in the program is to deal with the child welfare or juvenile justice system.
Larry's impending placement in the child welfare or juvenile justice system for delinquent behavior is a main concern. Larry's behavior and the possible use of drugs is another concern. Mr. Cooper's job-related accident and subsequent unemployment has contributed to family breakdown and possible alcohol dependency. Mrs. Cooper has a desire to reduce the number of hours she works in order to spend more time with her family.
What theory will your program apply to prevent Larry from entry into the child welfare or juvenile justice system and assist this family? Identify the terms associated with the theory chosen and why it would be most appropriate?


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