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Discuss possible actions taken to ensure the continuation of project objectives when the project manager is replaced. Your discussion should include how the chan

In responding to your peers, discuss possible actions taken to ensure the continuation of project objectives when the project manager is replaced. Your discussion should include how the change is captured in the project charter.

Project Management Week 2 DQR

Chaitanya Erella

Hi Everyone,

Manager role in managing project charter:

The project charter is a formal document that explains the project clearly with the scope of the project, project objectives and deliverables, explains the risks associated with the project at the high level, budget summary, and measurable success criteria. The project charter is prepared by the project manager at the start of the project and signed off by the sponsor. This document authorizes the project manager to utilize organizational resources for achieving the project objectives.

A project charter allows the manager to have a better understanding of the project purpose, objectives, and expected benefits. This understanding will allow the manager to better resource procurement and allocation to complete the project milestones on the provided timelines. As the scope, boundaries, and a personal role in the project are clearly documented in the charter, it helps the project manager to ensure the resources are allocated to the respective task. With the help of the project charter, the project manager can plan, execute and control the project and the risks associated with the project.

Response –

Kelly Thompson

Hi Class!

The Project Manger plays a crucial role in managing charter elements. This includes items such as initial risk, assumptions, and change control.

The document that really kicks off a project is the Project Charter.

The project charter is a document that officially authorizes the existence of a project and provides the Project Manager with the authority to use designated resources to complete the project tasks/goals. This is the first deliverable. It includes the charter elements that lists the finer details of the project.

The project charter includes all the benefits listed below (, 2021):

· Purpose and objectives of the project in clear, concise language

· Requirements of the project at a very high level and without much detail

· Project description in a paragraph or two that explains the project

· Known high-level, major categories of risks for the project

· Schedule of events with the start and end dates

· Major events or milestones along the path.

· Budget or summary of how much the project will cost

· Requirements from the organization for approval, including what to approve, who will approve, and how to get the approval

· Key players or stakeholders in charge of which parts of the project and who will approve the plans to go through

· An introduction of the Project Manager, project sponsor, and their authority level

Project Managers can ensure that the milestones listed on the project charter are being met by clearly defining the acceptance criteria. This means there must be a clear definition for what it means for the project to be complete. All deliverables should be listed with a time frame to keep the project on schedule.

If the Project Manager is reassigned for any reason the team should still, follow the project charter and use it as a guideline.

References (2021, May 4). What Is A Project Charter? Retrieved from PM Project Management:


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