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  Does the author utilize pathos at all? Would a stronger appeal to pathos make the article more persuasive?  

The number of lives that clean energy could save, by U.S. state » Yale Climate Connections

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· Which of the Rhetorical Appeals are employed? 

The Rhetorical Appeals employed in this article are Ethos and Logos.

· To what extent are these appeals effective? 

These appeals are effective. There is extensive information from multiple credible sources explaining about the lives that clean energy can save using data, figures, and rationale. The author who wrote this article is a scientist and a geologist, making her a credible source to persuade the audience. 

· Where were the appeals ineffective? 

These appeals were only ineffective in that none of these things that the article presents have happened yet. Even though multiple credible sources have data on what the future of using clean energy instead of fossil fuels looks like, these sources can't actually see into the future. 

· Who is the audience of the source? How effectively does the speech align with its audience?

The audience of this source is Americans in general. This article wants to make Americans aware about how much money and how many lives we can save by taking cleaner energy more seriously. The speech effectively aligns with the audience. It does this by breaking down how many American deaths are caused by fossil fuels each year, and how much money in economic damage they cause as well.

· How do you plan on using each of the rhetorical appeals for your paper? 

· Logos

· I plan on using Logos with facts and data on how Artificial Intelligence has made an impact on the workplace.

· Pathos

· I plan on using Pathos using an emotional response to convincing stories on how both sides of the spectrum view the progression of Artificial Intelligence in the workplace for our future.

· Ethos

· I plan on using Ethos in my paper as well. There will be the use of at least one credible figure that has very convincing ideas on Artificial Intelligence and how it will affect the future for humans in the workplace.