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Starter kit for budding entrepreneurs, visionaries and dreamers!STARTUP INDIA KITDated: October, 2019

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] India Hub•Section 80 IAC: Income Tax exemption for 3 out of 7 years• Relaxation in public procurements norms under Labour & Environment laws • Fund of Funds for Startups (FFS)• Faster exit for StartupsDPIIT-Recognised Startups may apply to IMB for the following benefits:Startup India RecognitionDPIIT-Recognised Startups are eligible for the following benefits:Startup India Benefits• Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) benefits• Self-Certification• Learning and Development Programs – Step-by-step guide to starting a business in India• Government Schemes – Centralized repository of all Government schemes for the Startup Ecosystem Actors• State Startup Policies – Single point to access all notified Startup Policies by the respective State Governments• Pro Bono Services – Get free applications, cloud credits, legal and banking support from our partners• Knowledge Bank – A quick walkthrough on all things Startup, including company registration, investor engagement, legal considerations etc.• Tools and Templates – A repository of sample templates for all legal & HR documents, investor decks, deeds, contracts etc.• Networking – Connect with people from the Startup Ecosystem on the portal• Idea Bank – Looking for an Idea for Your Startup? We’ve listed some problem statements which require innovative solutions• Programs & Initiatives – Apply for acceleration, mentorship programs & other challenges across the globe

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected]• Fast-tracking of Startup patent applications: The patent application of Startups is fast-tracked for examination and disposal. The process is much faster for recognised Startups.• Panel of facilitators to assist in IP applications – Facilitators are responsible for providing general advisory on different IPRs, and information on protecting and promoting IPRs in other countries. Central Government bears the entire fees of the facilitators for any number of patents, trademark or designs, and Startups only bear the cost of the statuary fees payable.• Rebate on filing of application: Startups are provided an 80% rebate in filing of patents vis-a-vis other companies bringing down the cost from INR 8,000 to INR 1,600. This helps them cut down on costs in their early years. 50% rebate is also provided in filing of Trademarks vis-a-vis other companies decreasing the cost from INR 10,000 to INR 5,000. Want to protect your innovative idea? Scan the QR code below to contact the IPR facilitators.To promote awareness and adoption of IPRs by Startups and facilitate them in protecting and commercialising the IPRs, Startup India provides access to high quality Intellectual Property services and resources, including:Benefits of DPIIT RecognitionIntellectual Property Rights (IPR)1000+Applicants ReceivedFee Benefits4000+IPRFacilitators

Ministry of Corporate Affairs guidelines on winding up: scan this QR code. operations within 90 days vis-a-vis 180 days for other companies. An insolvency professional shall be appointed for the Startup, who shall be in charge of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has notified Startups as ‘fast track firms’ enabling them to wind up company for liquidating its assets and paying its creditors within 6 months of filing an application in this regard. Faster Exit for Startups 27 StatesOer Self-certificationto Startups under 6 Labour laws•Startups are allowed to self-certify their compliance under 6 Labour and 3 Environment laws for a period of 3 to 5 years from the date of incorporation.• In respect of 3 Environment laws, units operating under 36 white category industries (as published on the website of Central Pollution Control Board) do not require clearance under 3 Environment related Acts for 3 years.To reduce the regulatory burden on Startups, thereby allowing them to focus on their core business & keep compliance costs low.Apply for Labour law certificate here: scan this QR code.Self-Certication under Labour & Environment LawsGovernment of India has authorised its Ministries, Departments and Public Sector Undertakings to relax norms in all public procurements. Startups are entitled to avail exemption on: Recognised Startups can also become preferred bidders on CPPP portals, which sees over 2,00,000 tenders every year.Visit to know more about Government Department Procurement. Know more about public procurement, scan this QR code.• Prior Turnover• Prior Experience• Earnest Money DepositDPIIT recognised Startups can now get listed as Sellers on the Governmentof India’s largest e-procurement portal–Government e-Marketplace.Get recognised and visit to avail the benefits! Relaxation in Public Procurement Norms

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected]• A DPIIT recognized Startup is eligible for exemption from the provisions of section 56(2)(viib) of the Income Tax Act.• The Startup has to file a duly signed declaration in Form 2 to DPIIT {as per notification G.S.R. 127 (E)} to claim the exemption from the provisions of Section 56(2)(viib) of the Income Tax ActHave a Startup? Get recognised by scanning below QR code.Exemption for the purpose of clause (viib) of sub-section (2) of section 56 of the Act• The recognised Startups that are granted an Inter-Ministerial Board Certificate are exempted from income-tax for a period of 3 consecutive years out of 7 years since incorporation. • Startups incorporated on or after 1st April 2016 can apply for income tax exemption. Tax Exemption for 3 yearsStartups incorporated on or after 1st April 2016 can apply for income tax exemption.The Inter-Ministerial Board validates the innovative nature of the business for granting Income Tax Benefits and is constituted by representatives from DPIIT, DBT, and DST.To apply for tax benefits, scan this QR code.Tax Exemption

To contact the various AIFs for funding support, scan this QR code. To provide equity funding support for development and growth of innovation driven enterprises, the Government has set aside a corpus fund of INR 10,000 crores managed by SIDBI. The Fund isin the nature of Fund of Funds, which means that the Government participates in the capital of SEBI registered Venture Funds, who invest twice the amount in Startups. The flow of funds is Government > SIDBI > Venture Capitals > StartupsFund of Funds for StartupsINR 3120 Cr+Committed to 47 VC Firms INR 2286+ Cr invested in 264 StartupsFor any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Piyush Goyal,Hon’ble Minister of Commerce & Industry,Government of IndiaNow the employment generation is not confined merely to Government services or factories,with job seekers becoming job creators. We are proud of the hard work and innovativeideas of our youth!

Start your free course today, scan this QR code. Start with an idea, end with a business plan!To guide budding entrepreneurs through the journey of their Startup venture, Upgrad offers a free, 4-week program on the key areas of starting up by 40+ top founders of India. Upon completionof the course, an acknowledgement certificate for the learnings in the program is also provided. The website hosts a variety of courses, including 3500+ paid courses from Udemy that are made available on the portal for free.Learning and Development Program2.5 Lac+People enrolled in the Upgrad Course40+Govt. Bodies115+Accelerators113+Investors58,900+Startups274Incubators490+Mentors2,85,000+Evangelists andEntrepreneursStartup India provides free resources to Startups to help them scale faster, better and stronger. Log on to our resources section to navigate your way through the competitive Startup world.Startup India Portal

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] our endeavor to make starting up easy for Startups, we bring you the best of some relevant services out there in the market, free of cost. We have collaborated with leading Corporates and Startups, the likes of Amazon Web Services, Zoho, Vakil Search, MyOperator, Truecaller and others to bring you these services. Whether you want to build an app, use cloud credits or get cloud telephony services, everything here is free of cost for you. Avail these Pro Bono Services by scanning this QR code.Pro Bono ServicesExplore the various Government schemes by scanning this QR code.Many Government departments are working to promote entrepreneurship in India. Startup India has collated over 100 schemes which can be filtered by relevant departments and ministries for easy access.Government SchemesStartup India presents to you a list of 26 State Government policies that offer benefits toStartups. Startups and entrepreneurs across these states can access the policy documents, website links and contact details of the respective nodal agencies.Scan this QR code to know more about these policies.State’s Startup Policies$200,000+ worth Cloud Credits disbursed to Startups$2,230,000+worth benefits disbursed to StartupsINR 10,00,000+ worth legal services provided to StartupsINR 50,00,000+worth call-management services provided to Startups$16,500+worth user-verification services provided to Startups

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] and ChallengesStartup India works with multiple corporates and Government departments to bridge thegap and build connections with Startups. Any industry or department can solve for theirbusiness challenges by co-creating programs and challenges on the Startup India portal.Such innovation challenges provide a unique opportunity to corporates and departments toscout for the best of technologies for identified problem statements and focus sectors/areas,in order to incentivise Startups in terms of market access opportunity, cash prizes, incubation/acceleration, mentorship, etc.You can apply for these programs here: Scan this QR code.So that you can focus on what is important to your business, we have a wide range of templates ranging from lease agreements, employment contracts, deeds, NDAs etc. freelyavailable in multiple Indian languages. You’ll need less than 2 minutes to customise thisfor yourself using our document builder.Find the templates by scanning below QR code.Tools & Templates

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] India enables global market access and knowledge exchange for Indian Startups through bilateral government collaborations with Russia, Korea, Portugal, Japan, Netherlands,Sweden, Finland, Israel and Singapore. Most commonly referred to as a Startup Bridge, it enables Startups, investors, incubators, accelerators and aspiring entrepreneurs of both countries to connect with one another and provide them with resources to expand and become globalised Startups. Salient features include: • Knowledge Exchange: Comprehensive guides and toolkits that assist Startups in both countries to evaluate expansion opportunities and technology transfers • Networking Opportunities: Enable connections among Startups, mentors, investors and incubators in relevant sectors from both countries • Hosting Joint Programs: From Startup Exchanges to Innovation Challenges etc. the portal is a one-stop-shop to host all ecosystem programs • Capacity Building Platform: Access and application to events, competitions and workshops in both countries followed by partnerships with co-working spaces and acceleratorsKnow more about these bridges by scanning below QR code.International BridgesJoin the discussion forum, scan below QR code.Members of the startup ecosystem – Startups, investors, mentors, incubators, acceleratorsand Government bodies can connect with each other on the online forum the Startup Indiaportal offers. The platform provides the ecosystem members with the opportunity to discuss,express and opine on the forum through discussion threads, blogs and one to one messaging.Networking & Discussion

If it is incorporated as a private limited company (as dened in the Companies Act, 2013) or registered as a partnership limited liability partnership (under the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008) in India.firm (under section 59 of the Partnership Act, 1932) or a Up to ten years from the date of its incorporation/registration.If its turnover for any of the nancial years since incorporation/registration has not exceeded INR 100 Crore.If it is working towards innovation, development or improvement of products or processes or services, or if it is a scalable business model with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation.Provided that any such entity formed by splitting up or reconstruction of a business already in existence shall not be considered a ‘Startup’.Visit: entity shall be considered as a Startup:What is a Startup?For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected]

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Get Recognised & Avail BenefitsGet DPIIT Recognised!Startups can apply to recognised by Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade toavail numerous benefits.Read on to see how:22,000+Startups RecognisedDPIIT RecognitionVisit User: Click on ‘Register’ and provide details OR Simply register using any of your social media accounts Existing User: Login using your credentials (Go to step 4)

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Provide OTP and other details like, startup as type of user, name and stage of the startup etc.Congratulations! Your startup profile is createdGo to ‘Get Recognised’ directly (new users) OR

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Dashboard > DPIIT Recognition (existing users)On the ‘Recognition Application Detail’ page, click on ‘View Details’ under the Registration Details section

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Fill up the ‘Startup Recognition Form’ and click on ‘Submit’

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] What do you need?• Incorporation/Registration Certificate• Director details• Proof of concept like pitch deck/website link/video (in case of a validation/ early traction/scaling stage startup) respectively• Patent and trademark details (Optional)• PAN NumberNo requirement of:• Letter of Recommendations• Sanction Letters• Udyog Aadhar• MSME Certificate• GST CertificateAt idea stage?Simply apply without any proof of concept and get recognised. Update later when you reach validation/early traction/scaling stage.Got funded or recognised?Tell us by updating your proof of funding, awards and recognitions received.Applied for Patent/Trademark?Strengthen your application by providing us your patent, trademark, copyright, plant variety details.Submit and give us 2 days to process the application.

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Accelerator: An accelerator is typically a 3-4 month program for Startups at early traction and scaling stage. It is a process of intense, rapid and immersive education aimed at accelerating the growth of the Startup. The accelerator may take a set amount of seed equity from the Startups in their cohorts in exchange for capital and mentorship. Angel Group: An angel group is a network of angel investors who invest collectively in small Startups or entrepreneurs. They typically invest in angel, seed, and sometimes Series A rounds. Angel: Angel rounds are the first round that a company may go through. Angel investors, friends, and/or family may invest in an angel round to get a new company off the ground. Convertible Note: It is a loan where an investor provides cash to a Startup company, and the investor gets an option to convert the debt to equity in the company. Co-Working Space: A co-working space is a company that provides a shared working environment for teams working typically for different employees, in the same office. No equity is taken from companies by the co-working space. Incubator: An incubator is a workspace created to offer early-stage Startups access to all resources they need under one roof. They provide office space, mentoring, business services, funding, and networking opportunities to the incubatees. IPR: The right of a person or a company to exclusively use its own plans, ideas, or other intangible assets without the worry of competition, at least for a specific period of time. These rights can include copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. These rights may be enforced by a court. Product Crowdfunding: A product crowdfunding round is where a company will provide its product in exchange to raise capital. This kind of round is also typically completed on a funding platform. Seed Funding: Seed capital is the initial funding used to begin the creation of a business or a new product. Generally, seed capital is used to develop a business idea to the point that it can be presented effectively to venture capital firms that have large amounts of money to invest.

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected]

For any queries please call us on 1800115565 ordrop us an email at [email protected] Venture Capital: Venture Capital firms invest in Startups at a later stage. Startups witha potential to grow, need a certain amount of investment. Wealthy investors like to invest their capital in such businesses with a long-term growth perspective. This capital is known asventure capital and the investors are called venture capitalists. Technology Transfer Office: An office which is typically a part of a company, universityor Governmental organisation that is dedicated to research, which has potential commercialinterest. TTOs help in identifying and licensing new technologies and Intellectual Property (IP)relevant to businesses. They also help with accessing new knowledge and expertise to drive innovation through research collaboration, contracted services and consultancy.

We understand that the journey of an entrepreneur is filled with stumbling blocks and challenges.To ease your Startup experience, we are eager to assist you through a query resolution system. To see a list of frequently asked questions: scan this QR code.Please feel free to call us on 1800115565 or drop us an email at [email protected] for any query, concern or suggestion!Query Resolution StatisticsTop states with startup queries:MAHARASHTRAUPKARNATAKAGUJARATDELHI64%Hindi36%English75%24%1%1,52,000+Queries Resolved