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Dora works for an ice cream chain called Rico’s Cool Cream, and uses Excel to calculate the company’s payroll expenses and profits.

CIS210 Computerized Spreadsheet

Module 2 Assignment  

Rico’s Cool Cream



1.            Dora works for an ice cream chain called Rico’s Cool Cream, and uses Excel to calculate the company’s payroll expenses and profits. She is currently finalizing the Profit and Payroll worksheets to close out the week’s figures.


On the Payroll worksheet, cut the contents of the range B1:B2 and paste them into the range A1:A2.


2.            Adjust the width of column A using AutoFit.


3.            Change the width of column E to 15.00.


4.            Enter the values shown in Table 1 below into the corresponding cells in the range B18:C20.


Table 1: Data for the Range B18:C20


                B             C


18           741.78   4/2/1990


19           698.87   5/8/1982


20           421.48   7/2/1988


5.            In cell E6, type DG832133. Select the range E5:E20,and then use the Flash Fill button (in the Editing group on the Home tab) to automatically enter codes into the remaining cells in the range. (Hint: You must use the Flash Fill button to properly receive credit for this step.)


6.            Select cell A21, and then enter the word Total. Add cell borders to the range A21:E21 using the Top Border border format.


7.            In cell B21, create a formula using the SUM function to total the data in the range B5:B20.


8.            In cell B23, create a formula using the COUNT function to determine the number of people employed by Rico’s Cool Cream by counting the values in the range B5:B20.


9.            Switch to the Profit worksheet. Change the orientation of the Profit worksheet to Landscape.


10.          In cell A2, change the cell content to Profit -June 1-7, 2018 (instead of just reading “June 1-7, 2018”).


11.          Select the range A4:F4 and nonadjacent cell H8, and then increase the font size of the cells to 13 pt.


12.          To better display the content, manually change the height of row 3 to 20.00. (Hint: Do not use AutoFit.)


13.          In cell B7, enter a formula without using a function to determine the profit generated at the Riverside store by subtracting the store’s expenses (cell B6) from the store’s sales (cell B5) for the week of June 1-7, 2018. Copy the formula you created in cell B7 to the range C7:E7.


14.          After determining the total profits generated by each store, Dora is now interested in calculating the total sales, expenses, and profits for the company. Select the range F5:F7, and then apply AutoSum to calculate the totals for these categories across all four stores.


15.          Dora edited the worksheet after June 8, 2018, making the content in cell A11 unnecessary. Click on cell A11 and clear its contents.


16.          Apply the wrap text formatting to cell H8.


17.          Adjust the Zoom level of the Profit worksheetto 130%.


18.          After reviewing the Profit and Payroll worksheets, Dora typically generates some additional data for accounting. To create a placeholder worksheet for this data, insert a new worksheet in the workbook, rename the worksheet Accounting,and if necessary, move the new worksheet after the Profit worksheet.


Your workbook should look like the Final Figures on the following pages. Save your changes, close the workbook, and then exit Excel. Upoad your completed work to Canvas _ Weekly Assignent 2


Final Figure 1: Payroll Worksheet


Final Figure2: Profit Worksheet


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