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Assignment Overview:
Now that we are done reading and discussing Doubt, you are going to build on the close reading skills that you developed in the previous essay to write a literary analysis essay in which you make an interpretive argument about one of the themes you see in the novel, using at least two characters who you feel highlight a similar message.

First, choose 2 or more characters from the book who you feel have something(s) in common, and then use those characters trajectories to illustrate a larger argument about a theme you see in the book.  In other words, ask yourself:

How are these characters linked?
What is the larger lesson or purpose that wants us to take away from these characters?
How are these characters similar to each other in a meaningful way?
By asking yourself those questions as you analyze the characters, you will lead into an argument addressing one of the books themes.

Remember to formulate a clear thesis by the end of your introduction paragraph.  Make sure the thesis addresses: What message do these characters help you take away from the book as a whole?

Requirements for the paper:
The final draft should be at least 4 full pages long PLUS a Works Cited page
You should use MLA format throughout
As with all essays, be sure to develop a focused, opinionated thesis (there are more resources about thesis statements coming up in the module).