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Drug chosen is CEFIXIME


Create your initial post on the Discussion Board in response to the following questions:

    • drug chosen is CEFIXIME
    • Each student should post an example of a cell wall biosynthesis inhibitor that was NOT discussed in the lecture videos. EACH POSTING SHOULD BE DIFFERENT, FIRST COME-FIRST SERVED. You may post a note to “claim” an antibiotic before beginning your research for your complete posting. You may post an example from the non-textbook readings, an analog of one of the antibiotics which was not discussed in class, or an example from another reliable source. Other students should review and pose questions based on the summaries. The post should include the following:
      • Antibiotic name
      • Use (or “in development”)
      • Mechanism of action (specific)
      • Current status (e.g. “not used medically – why?, toxicity?, resistance?” or “currently in development – what makes it better than current drugs?”)
      • Information source(s)

      • QUESTION 2
      • Each student should post describing the single most interesting thing they learned from the two assigned readings. Your post should be succinct, informative, interesting and detailed. You may include links to additional resources (references, videos, images) in your posting. Your post will be scored based on your classmates and my interest in your post, so your job is to make your post interesting, informative and accessible.
      • After posting, return to the board and read over the posts of your fellow classmates. Choose at least one classmate and create a post providing feedback or if you have any comments or requests for clarification. Grades for this assignment will be based on your feedback to your classmates.

      Posts with errors/obvious need for clarification that is requested will receive a deduction for this. (I will judge if the request for clarification is because the post is poorly completed or if its because the post was so good it stimulated interest.) Posts that I especially like or with positive feedback from classmates will receive maximum credit for this. (Again, I will judge if any positive feedback is warranted and appropriate.) Note: I am not doing this to try to cause conflict between you and your classmates but rather because it is critical to be able to effectively communicate science and get others interested in what you have to share…especially difficult and very detailed science like the content of the assigned readings. I hope you find this small exercise valuable practice in this.

    • Readings:
      1. Kong, K-F; Schneper, L.; Mathee, K. Beta-lactam Antibiotics: From Antibiosis to Resistance and Bacteriology. 2010, APMIS, 118(1): 1–36. doi:10.1111/j.1600-0463.2009.02563.x.
      1. C.T. Walsh, S.L. Fisher, I.-S. Park, M. Prahalad, Z. Wu; Bacterial resistance to vancomycin: five genes and one missing hydrogen bond tell the story. 1996 Chemistry & Biology Volume 3, Issue 1, January 1996, Pages 21–28 doi:10.1016/S1074-5521(96)90079-4


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