Chat with us, powered by LiveChat E $ $ a y is for a college course in Anthropology. Assignment is to complete an Interview on the given question and have them response. All the responses are in a file down below. T | WriteDen

E $ $ a y is for a college course in Anthropology. Assignment is to complete an Interview on the given question and have them response. All the responses are in a file down below. T



E $ $ a y is for a college course in Anthropology. Assignment is to complete an Interview on the given question and have them response. All the responses are in a file down below. Their is NO length requirement, just got to make sure E $ $ a y is long enough to answer all questions and requirements.

Please be sure to include the following information in your interview as well.

1-Where was the person born? Where was the person raised?

2-What is the person’s ethnic/cultural background? Your informant must also have a different cultural background from yours.

3-Read about your informant’s culture in at least one reference source.

Please review the following guidelines for your assignment:

a-The p-a-p-e-r itself should NOT just contain a list of questions and answers. It should be written in

 E $ $ a y form with an introduction and conclusion. Minimum topics included should be:

1)   basic information about the interviewed person and their culture

2)   the use of a theory from your text to incorporate cultural information

3)   some comparison of their culture or subculture to yours

4)   a reflection on individual variation within a culture (.why this individual is unique and may not be representative of others in their culture)

5)   an introduction and conclusion

Anthropology Interview responses

Demographic Data: Question Answer

What is your complete name? Felesha Natalie Carr

What does your given (first) name mean? Felesha means happiness

Why were you given this particular name? I was given the name Felesha by my nurse at birth. My father wanted to give me an ugly name but my nurse misheard the pronunciation and I am very happy she did.

Is your last name a common one? Yes, the last name ‘Carr’ is common

Does it have a meaning? No, My last name does not have a meaning. Well at least I’m not sure.

When were you born? I was born June 30th 1997

Where were you born? I was born in Manhattan, New York

Where were you raised? I was raised in Kingston, Jamaica

How long have you been in the U.S.? I have lived in the U.S for a total of 10 years so far

What is your Ethnicity or cultural background? West Indian, Jamaican

What is your Religion? I am Christian

How would you describe your family’s socio-economic status? My family is very dysfunctional, they are

money driven & over all weird people.


Are marriages or introductions arranged? No, marriages are not arranged

Do most people stay married out of love, necessity, or a combination of these? In the majority of Caribbean households

couples stay married for necessity, not necessarily love.

Who lived in your household when you were a child? I lived in foster care with my biological

sister and many other children along with a very dark, angry guardian.

Who earned the money? I’m not sure who earned the money, I’ve never seen my caretaker go to work.

What type of jobs did your parents and relatives have? I am not sure of their occupation

Who did what work around the house? The children cleaned the house every Saturday and Sunday morning.

RELIGION Question Answer

What are some of the major beliefs in your religion?

Thou shall not kill, thou shall not steal, thou shall not disobey mother and father, all the 10 commandments.

What are some of the special ceremonies? Christmas, Easter sunday.

What are your views on non-believers? I have no views on non-believers. The bible says come as you are and you can be gay, lesbian, straight, around the corner. I judge no one as God judges no one.

Who do you worship? I worship

What is it appropriate to pray for? It is appropriate to pray for good health and strength, your family, happiness, and love.

How does one pray? I start with “Dear God” and finish the prayer with “Amen or in jesus name amen

What are the rules about attendance at a temple or organized service?

No strict views or rules in attending church. You can attend if you want or not attend if you want.

How have your religious beliefs or practices changed over time?

Praying and fasting has changed my life a lot over time because I realized when I want good blessings sto follow me or when I want a house or a car or just to be a better person overall

What are some of your primary values or beliefs?

I fast to teach myself discipline and I pray and read my bible.

How many others in your culture share All of my family members.

these values?

What traditions is your culture known for? In my Jamaican culture we are known for our music, our food, our language, the people. How our people are still happy when there is nothing. Sometimes Jamaicans can be seen as rude. Another thing is our traditional clothing.

What are the special celebrations or holidays?

Easter sundays,boxing day(which is the day after christmas) , our independence day,

Who prepared the food and how was it served?

The parent prepares the food and also serves it to the children.

Who took care of you when you were small?

When I was small I was in a foster like home and I was raised in a not so friendly household

Would you describe any differences you have noticed between the way children are raised in the U.S. and in your country? (or rephrase if you are from another country and interviewing someone from the U.S.)

In Jamaica we were raised to wash, learn how to cook, and clean at a young age. Respect our parents no matter what. Some children in america are very rude towards to their parents and very minimum respect but in a jamaican household the parents are raising their kids as kids but in america they are raising their kids to be their friends & when they raise their kids to be their friends they feel like they can disrespect whoever they want to, say whatever they feel and that is not how parenting works in Jamaica.

What did you learn about the appropriate roles for men and women?

men were superior to women because men play the role of breadwinners, the main decision makers and the masculine force and are to take charge of their women The women's role was to cook, clean, and be a stay at home mom. She made sure the kids were taken care of. She would make sure that the house was in order by time the man would get home

How do you feel about this now? I feel as if this tradition is slowly disappearing and that most things should be equal. It should be seen as normal for the man to cook, clean, and take care of the children as it should also been seen normal for a women to make more than a man and be the breadwinner for the household.


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