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Each reflection paper should take an issue or topic from the assigned reading and develop your own thoughts into a coherent, well-considered pape

Each reflection paper should take an issue or topic from the assigned reading and develop your own thoughts into a coherent, well-considered paper.  These papers are not intended to be research papers, but rather to give you an opportunity to interrogate the readings, challenging their assumptions, and to practice critical thinking skills.  These papers must be limited to one single-spaced page with reasonable font size and margins and must be handed in at the beginning of the designated class; no late papers will be accepted for any reason.  You are expected to hand in four reflection papers throughout the course, but I will throw out the lowest grade of the four; in other words, each paper is worth ten percent of your final grade.

A couple things to keep in mind.  First, I am looking for your own voice in these papers.  Your first paragraph should succinctly name the issue you’re addressing; the rest of the paper should be your own interrogation of that issue.  I am not looking for a summary of the readings; I’ve already read them and know that you have, too.  Keep in mind, though, that I’m looking for your voice in analysis, not your unsubstantiated “opinion.”  In other words, I want to know more than just what you think of a reading (your opinion), but also why you think what you do.  In order to do this, you need to provide evidence to back up your claims:  quotes from the reading, examples, logical fallacies, etc. 

This will be much more successful if you focus on one specific issue within the readings.  A clear critique – whether positive or negative, or asking new questions – of a single idea is far more effective than a general, superficial reaction to a larger set of ideas.  Don’t try to tackle too much in these papers.  If you find one page is not enough space to make your point, then you need to choose a more focused issue; likewise, if you feel you need to cover more than one issue, you’re not going into enough depth on the issue you’ve chosen.  One-page papers require very careful, concise writing – pay attention to your language so that you can communicate as clearly as possible.

Reflection papers must be on the readings that immediately precede their due date, as listed below.  The readings available to write on for a given paper may change if the overall calendar changes.  As always, feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

see attached


The article regarding the filing of police violence addresses the issues about human rights, mobilizing shame, and the media. It is indeed evident that the filming of these videos has done no justice in stopping police brutalities and violence. This is seen in the examples of George Floyd by the Minneapolis police despite posting several videos and footage of the officer from the cameras at Cup Foods his killing has still not been impactful to discuss the disadvantages of police departments in attempting police violence. None of the videos was able to save his life and put a stop to other possible similar murders. The same incidence is still seen in Castile’s death by officer Chauvin whose video was taken, surfaced by the whole media but his life was already taken. Therefore, the hope that the existence of cameras would counterbalance racism that affects people of color and the use of force by police has been a techno-utopian fantasy.

To address the challenge of police violence, we can all participate in creating other movements toward ending brutality, violence, and racism. Social media activists are playing a major role in advocating for marginalized voices and giving a platform for anyone to advocate. They still come up with ways to financially support victims and hence they are much more inspiring in the fight against police violence. However, the limitations that are seen in social activists' work is that they may end up not being peaceful and cause destruction. Online activisms may spread fake news; hence it is good to check for sources first.

The context of the work has addressed the aspect of racism and brutality in the US, the authors have talked about movements such as Black lives matter in determining the aspect of hoping for change and addressing humanity which is done by social activists towards creating a need for the same. The hope for sousveillance is in vain, however, the U.S is constantly affected by racism which is a major challenge. Black Lives Matter has been the largest movement in the U.S since 2013, social media has been impactful in the U.S and has continued to act as a political engagement venue as well as that for social activism and has helped many Black Americans (Kelley,2015). The summer of 2020 has ensured that the U. S’s biggest participation in protests against racial justice and civil rights. The Associates at North-western University are addressing the current verdict on Derek Chauvin in determining racial justice movements and Black Lives Matter in addressing U.S civil rights.


Kelley, R. (2015). Op-Ed: Baltimore and the language of change. Retrieved 2 May 2022, from


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