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Empathy Reflection

ENGL1301 Composition 1

Assignment Empathy Reflection

Empathy Reflection

Assignment: This essay will be an Assignment grade (not a Composition grade). This will give you a chance to practice the writing process, use MLA format, and submit an assignment in Canvas before your first major grade.


Background: One theme I wanted to focus on this semester in all our reading and writing assignments is empathy (which is defined as the ability to understand and share the feelings of another). When reading “Shooting an Elephant”, I hope you put yourself in George Orwell’s shoes as he deliberated over killing the elephant or letting it live. For Composition #1, you will read at least two poems by authors who have different experiences and worldviews. For Composition #2, you will be asked to consider multiple sides of an argument and make an argument of your own using research. For Composition #3 (the Final Exam essay), you will be asked to get out of your comfort zone by physically going to a new place.


Topic: Today, I want you to consider how poetry, literature, movies, and music help you develop empathy and influence your worldview.


Write a 400 to 600 word essay addressing the idea of empathy and worldview. You may want to discuss specific movies you’ve seen or music you’ve listened to that has helped you understand another time period, culture, personality, religion, etc. You could also discuss how the reading and writing assignments in this class have affected you. This essay is short and informal, but you must use proper grammar and write in complete sentences. You may use first person pronouns (I, we, my, etc.).


In your introduction, introduce the general ideas your essay will address. In your body paragraphs, discuss specifics. In your conclusion, reiterate what you have learned about empathy and world view through our experiences.


Your essay must:


Be written in standard MLA format, consisting of an introduction that clearly states your thesis, a sufficient number of body paragraphs to develop your thesis logically, and a concluding paragraph;


Be written in accordance with MLA documentation. Specifically, use the MLA no-title-page heading; double space; use in-text citations for documenting your quotations from the essays; and your essay must contain a Works Cited page, giving the appropriate works cited entries for the works cited (sources used) in your paper;


Contain no more than twenty percent of directly quoted material;


Be typed in Arial 12 point font;


Be within the word limit: 400-600 words;


Be turned in on or before the due date.


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