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English Composition II Ash ford University

English Composition II Ash ford University


. When writing your global purpose, which of the following is NOT considered a helpful practice? (Points : 1)       Being explicit about your research purpose

Being specific in your claims

Being clear on the issues you’ll cover

Being careful not to take a position
Question 2. 2. How does a verbal, everyday argument DIFFER from an academic argument? (Points : 1)

A verbal, everyday argument allows writers to report facts clearly.

A verbal, everyday argument enables academic readers to access summaries other viewpoints.

A verbal, everyday argument encourages you to win over an opponent’s.

A verbal, everyday argument creates an opportunity to calmly consider another person’s perspective.
Question 3. 3. If a researcher finds the “perfect source,” no other source materials are needed. (Points : 1)


Question 4. 4. A general rule of thumb for using lists in a paper is to limit the number of items to ten or fewer. (Points : 1)


Question 5. 5. A topic sentence must be followed by supporting evidence. (Points : 1)


Question 6. 6. Academic citations are important for all of the following reasons, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

to give credit to other people.

to enable readers to trace the logic of your argument.

to make the cited writers feel important.

to provide other researchers with important sources.
Question 7. 7. Claim + Evidence = Premise (Points : 1)


Question 8. 8. Parallel structure (or parallelism) ensures that (Points : 1)

parallel ideas are expressed in a grammatically parallel way.

spelling is consistent throughout a document.

sentences do not begin with conjunctions or adverbs.

modifiers are clear and not dangling.
Question 9. 9. A topic sentence must support the thesis statement. (Points : 1)


Question 10. 10. Which of the following is NOT advised to overcome “writer’s block?” (Points : 1)

Commit to a schedule of work.

Refer back to pre-writing materials and outlines.

Focus on the final grade you want in the class.

Use multiple writing techniques.
Question 11. 11. Which should readers NOT expect from a paper’s roadmap? (Points : 1)

Cited evidence from sources

An overview of the essay’s structure

An understanding of the connecting links

A definition of the purpose of each section
Question 12. 12. Which of the following means to acknowledge, quote, or commend? (Points : 1)




None of the above
Question 13. 13. Meeting audience expectations produces all of the following expectations, EXCEPT (Points : 1)

enhancing your grade.

establishing you as an attentive writer.

ensuring you will avoid offending your audience.

enabling you to be an expert.
Question 14. 14. Which of the following is NOT a reason arguments based on emotion or personal experiences are largely dismissed in the academic world? (Points : 1)

They insert passion into an otherwise boring discussion.

They insist that all people should share the author’s personal values.

They encourage us to ignore competing viewpoints.

They give too much weight to our own experiences.
Question 15. 15. “Everyone from that department is untrustworthy.” This is an example of (Points : 1)

the post-hoc fallacy.

the red-herring fallacy.

the group-think fallacy.

the hasty-generalization fallacy.
Question 16. 16. Which of the following sentences is correctly punctuated? (Points : 1)

Some love baseball, and others love football.

Some love baseball and others love football.

Some love baseball and, others love football.

Some, love baseball and others love football.
Question 17. 17. Which one of the following strategies will NOT help you work through confusion? (Points : 1)

Allow yourself limitless time to research thoroughly before writing.

Consult a specialized dictionary.

Get the help of someone with more knowledge than you.

Ask for professional assistance from an instructor.
Question 18. 18. A proper English sentence must contain at least (Points : 1)

one subordinate clause.

a predicate.

a subject and a verb.

one noun phrase.
Question 19. 19. Which of the following strategies is MOST useful as a follow-up to citing a passage? (Points : 1)

Allow readers to see the passage as they choose.

Tell readers what you think of the passage.

Conceal the writer’s assumptions.

Keep passage separate from other ideas or elements.
Question 20. 20. Which of the following is a compound sentence? (Points : 1)

John bought some new shoes and wore them to a party.

We can go see a movie, or we can get something to eat.

When you get there, please remember to call me.

None of the above


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