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Ethical Considerations in Assessment

COUN 6204A Week 3 Assignment

Assignment: Ethical Considerations in Assessment

Counselors must adhere to the ACA Code of Ethics. Counselors unfamiliar with the ACA Code of Ethics may threaten the validity of the assessment process. If ethical guidelines are violated during an assessment process, it can lead to ethical missteps. An invalid assessment might result in misdirected counseling, ineffective interventions, and poor prognoses. What are the ethical responsibilities a counselor must consider when facilitating assessment?


For this Assignment, review the Learning Resources, including the case study entitled Ethical Missteps in Assessment. Consider the ethical missteps the counselor made in assessing this client. Think about how you would address these missteps using the ACA Code of Ethics.


In a 2- to 3-page APA-formatted paper, include the following:


•             Describe the ethical missteps demonstrated by the counselor


•             Explain which ACA Code of Ethics are being violated by the missteps


•             Explain how these ethical missteps might lead to assessment errors


•             Explain how the counselor might correct these missteps using the ethical guidelines and explain how these missteps might have been avoided. Use the ACA Code of Ethics to inform your answer.


COUN 6204A: Assessment in Counseling and Addiction Week 3 Case Study: Ethical Missteps in Assessment (case study  is below)


Don is a new counseling professional working with clients at a large behavioral health organization. His supervisor asks him to begin using a new instrument, AddictionAssess, to assess addiction. As part of his graduate training, Don had an assessment class. However, he did not receive training in this particular instrument, and he is not familiar with administering the instrument or interpreting the results. Don is concerned that his supervisor will be angry if the does not use the instrument. Don decided to use the instrument with his new client, Mohammed. Mohammed is of Indian descent, is a non-native speaker, and is court-mandated to treatment because of a recent DUI. Don presents Mohammed with AddictionAssess and asks him to complete it in his office. During the assessment interview, it is apparent that Mohammed is struggling to answer the assessment questions. Mohammed explains that he has a hard time reading, so Don allows him to take the instrument home and bring it back to his next session. Don consults the user’s manual for AddictionAssess and realizes that the instrument was normed for use on individuals who were U.S.-born and English-speaking. He also learns that specialized training is needed to interpret the results of the tool. Don is concerned that his supervisor has expectations for him to use the instrument, so he decides to interpret the data as best he can and use the results to inform Mohammed’s treatment.


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