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Ethics in the Accounting Profession

I need assistance with updating my outline and ensuring I include some of the things my professor is asking me to. I am writing about Ethics in the Accounting Profession. Please see attachment.

INTRODUCTION- This section should be simple and brief intro to your analysis of contents/elements for this topic. You must avoid to cover it by answering what, why, how, and when format. This would not allow to you analyze in a critical manner.

I. Background of Ethics in Accounting

A. What is ethics in accounting?

1. Accounting ethics refers to adhering to specific rules and guidelines established by governing bodies that every person involved in accounting should adhere to in order to prevent the misuse of financial information or their management position.

            B. Why is ethics so important?

1.  Accounting ethics serve as a guide for how information should be handled as well as the types of information required. They also specify the fundamental values and principles that accountants and auditors must adhere to. 

II. The Code

A. The five fundamental principles are integrity, objectivity, professional competence and due care, confidentiality, and professional behavior.

B. This Code provides a framework to assist a professional accountant to identify, evaluate and respond to threats to compliance with the fundamental principles.

BODY- This section does not have enough critical elements. You need to review above elements and see how, what, why, and when to add more critical element from the accounting profession- CPAs/public accounting firms.

I. Public Interest- Is it important to talk about the public interest? You must jump right into the ethics issues/requirements, and etc. See above!

A. This includes the account developing technical and behavioral standards,

 establishing an infrastructure of training, development, monitoring and enforcement to help   ensure that those standards are applied, and contribution to business and society.

II. Integrity

A. 110.1 The principle of integrity requires all professional accountants to be open and honest in their professional and commercial dealings. Honesty also means fair dealing and honesty.

III. Professional Responsibilities

A. ET Section 52 – Article I – Responsibilities

1. In carrying out their responsibilities as professionals, members should exercise sensitive professional and moral judgments in all their activities.         


I. Summary



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