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Evaluate health information projects. Part I: Evaluation Tools

Evaluate health information projects.


Part I: Evaluation Tools


In this part of the assessment, you will review one of the quality/performance evaluation tools, that of the survey administration process. The “patient satisfaction survey” is a valuable tool for all aspects of consumer satisfaction and plays an important role in the evaluation of the health care consumer’s care and service experience.


Satisfaction surveys are administered at the beginning, during, and after the performance improvement project has been concluded to validate improvements in the selected process.


1) Address the following questions in a Word document as it relates to consumers and customers of health care services:


Who are your customers in the health care setting?

If you are producing a desired product, why should you be concerned with consumer satisfaction?

How can you measure satisfaction across so many different customers?

Describe the relationship between clinical quality and the patient experience of care.

2) Research various survey instruments; the survey instruments should focus on the delivery of health care services.


Compare and contrast a minimum of two survey instruments (scales, format, questions).

What are the elements or aspects to consider in designing and administering a survey instrument?

The surveys may be surveys sent directly to you for completion.

Provide copies/snipping tools/screenshots of survey instruments in the completed assignment document.


You may wish to review survey administration tools and web sites such as Survey Monkey.

3) Develop one patient satisfaction measure of performance indicator including the measure statement and applicable numerator over denominator values.


Part II: Design and Use of Quality Improvement Evaluation Tools


1) In this part of the assessment, you will utilize another quality/performance tools, that of the Interview process. The “Interview” is a valuable data-gathering tool to utilize in the formation of CQI/PI teams and in understanding the process behind CQI/PI efforts.


2) You will develop an interview tool to interview a local organization (or your own organization) regarding a current, past, or planned quality improvement process. You will use this tool for planning and executing your interview.


3) Your interview outline tool must include a minimum of 10 questions regarding the following elements: DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THIS PART I HAVE MY TOOLS SAVED…THANKS


Team Design and Structure

Goals and Design of the quality improvement project at this institution

Data Collection/Analysis (completed or planned)

Feedback/review processes

Questions specific to the organization including a brief summary describing the organization that you are interviewing.

Hint: If you completed the Unit 3 Assignment, and saved your work, you may utilize the interview tool developed as part of this Assignment.


Interview Write-Up




You will conduct an interview with a representative from a local organization and document the responses. Examples of quality improvement teams in your community include local public health department, hospital, long-term care facility, physicians’ group practice, radiology department.




The interview responses must address the following elements in an essay format: · Team Design and Structure


Goals and Design of the project itself

Data Collection/Analysis

Feedback/review processes

Questions specific to the organization

Application: Based on the results of the interview, create a way to improve a process at this organization through the design of quality assessment and management tools.


Minimum Submission Requirements


This Assessment should be a Microsoft Word (minimum 750 words) document, in addition to the Satisfaction Survey instrument, title, and reference pages.

Respond to the questions in a thorough manner, providing specific examples of concepts, topics, definitions, and other elements asked for in the questions. Your submission should be highly organized, logical, and focused.


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