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Evaluate your personal approach to health care leadership.

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Write a 6–8 page (excluding cover and reference pages) personal leadership portrait in which you address the following:


Evaluate your personal approach to health care leadership.

Identify the leadership and emotional intelligence characteristics you already possess.

Analyze your strengths and limitations (areas for development).

Analyze your ability to apply emotional intelligence in your personal approach to health care leadership.

Compare your leadership characteristics with a predominant leadership style and its application to professional practice.

Assess other leadership styles you might integrate into your skills repertoire to enhance your effectiveness as a leader and manage change in health care.

Explain how your personal approach to health care leadership facilitates interprofessional relationships, community engagement, and change management.

Consider interprofessional relationships with staff, community agencies, organizations, and other stakeholders.

Identify your strengths and weaknesses related to interprofessional relationships, community engagement, and change management.

Consider how emotional intelligence could facilitate interprofessional relationships, community engagement, and change management.

Evaluate best practices for interprofessional communications, and compare your communication skills and attributes to those best practices.

Explain how ethical leadership principles can be applied to professional practice.

Identify the relevant ethical leadership principles for your discipline (public health, health administration, or nursing).

Evaluate best practices for developing an ethical culture in the workplace.

Explain how health care leaders can address diversity and inclusion.

What do diversity and inclusion mean to you within the context of population health?

Explain the importance of diversity and inclusion to effective leadership.

For example, cultivating good employee and community relations.

How does an effective leader develop a diverse and inclusive workplace (strategies, best practices)?

How do diversity and inclusion contribute to health care quality and service to the community?

What best practices would you recommend to address issues of diversity and inclusion?

Explain how scholar-practitioners contribute to leadership and professional development in the field of health care.

Define scholar-practitioner, in your own words.

Explain the importance of critical thinking to scholar-practitioners.

Evaluate the influence of scholar-practitioners on health care leadership and professional development.

Explain the importance of scholar-practitioners to professional practice. Consider their value in:

Expanding the knowledge base.

Applying new and existing knowledge, research, and scholarship to solve real-world problems.

Improving health care quality and safety.


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