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Evidence Based Practice Models Paper

Use two evidence-based models to address a practice problem and respond the questions below in essay format. Be sure to integrate readings from at least 5 peer-reviewed articles.


As staff nurses and leaders in various patient care areas, you are members of your institution’s EBP for Quality Care and Outcomes Team. The Risk Management Committee uses chart reviews and other review mechanisms to collect data about designated patient care, practice issues, patient safety, adherence to institutional policy and procedure, and outcomes. The Committee reports data and trends to your team. Their recent report trended inadequate/incomplete documentation of surgical time-out procedures (i.e., preoperative review among patient and surgical team to verify right patient, right surgery, right location, etc.).


    1. What are the differences between the Stetler Model of Research Utilization to Facilitate EBP and The Iowa Model of Evidence-based Practice to Promote Quality Care? Do they seem to oppose or complement each other?
    2. Think about the scenario above. How did you use the data to decide the problem/trigger?
    3. What decisions and outcomes do you anticipate?
    4. How did you use each model? What institutional stakeholders will be involved? What were your thoughts at various decision points?
    5. What were your conclusion decisions about use of the evidence in practice?
    6. Within your practice system, how will you communicate and disseminate the evidence and your review process?
    7. Who will be responsible for applying/implementing your recommendations?
    8. What outcomes do you plan to measure and monitor?
    9. What do you think that practice in the problem area will look like in six months? In one year?
    10. What barriers will you encounter to connect research to practice? What are your roles to address those barriers?


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