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AMU Examining the Export Process Discussion
The decision to adopt an export strategy involves research into the potential foreign market and customer base. In this discussion, you will do some background research in order to render a more informed opinion regarding the steps to successful exporting. Review Chapter 14 from your course text as well as the International Trade Administration’s website (2020) before preparing your response.
Scenario: You are the owner of a small U.S. based coffee distributor, and you have decided to investigate export opportunities for your product. You are in the process of preparing a report about export possibilities to discuss the potential strategy with your senior management team.
After reviewing this information, discuss the following:
Describe four specific steps that your firm would need to take to pursue exporting as an entry strategy into a foreign market.
Explain if, given your research, exporting your product seems like a viable business strategy for your company.
To support your assertions, utilize at least one academically credible research source in your response, both citing it in-text and listing it as a reference at the end of your post.