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Explain how school counselors promote social justice through the implementation of an ASCA National Model-based school counseling program.

School counselors can promote social justice through utilizing current  global events, and social rights activities throughout our communities and the world.  The ASCA model guides school counselors in developing school counseling programs utilizing data-informed decision making that are based on data-informed decision making to close opportunity gaps that result in hire student achievement delivered systematically in developmentally appropriate curriculum that supports student behavior and mindsets to support student success.

Discuss how social justice is embedded throughout the four components of the ASCA National Model and provide specific examples.


The ASCA National Model’s  Define section Provides details on developing a School counseling program that aligns with the vision and mission of the school which also includes Professional Standards and the development of student competencies.( ASCA) Social justice can be implemented by Advocating for others and oneself, developing equity and inclusion practices in student competencies that demonstrate How an individual and group identity was greatly impacted by diversity. The development of Professional Standards that focus on and promote social justice within the school learning community. 

Manage: This component is utilized to gather data and make informed decisions to improve programs to meet the needs of current students.

Deliver : This section provides resources to school counselors that assist students in resolving conflicts and reaching personal and academic goals.

Assess: The program development process supports school counselors in improving their programs through evaluation of personal growth.  

It is essential for school counselors to seek further education on ways to appropriately respond to trauma that students experience due to the lack of social justice or challenges with diversity. Action has to be taken to prevent further trauma for students. School counselors must be proactive in working with students in regards to social justice issues. Continuous and purposeful actions are necessary to address systemic issues through the ASCA themes of systemic change, collaboration, advocacy, and leadership.

Explain the role data plays in advocating for social justice within your school counseling program.


The foundation of School counseling is effective data analysis  to begin to create change in a school environment. Trust can be established in a school counseling program through the effective use of data driven informed decision making. This will create a more trusted and successful setting to improve in the areas of diversity and social’re more likely to be trusted and succeed in social justice and diversity. 


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