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HRM 310 Module Two Assignment HR Inbox Guidelines and Rubric


This is the first of two HR Inbox assignments, each approached from the perspective of a different HR function relevant to the module in which it is due. This assignment focuses on helping the student understand how to properly respond to common employee inquiries in a way that protects the employer and provides a welcoming work environment for employees. Students will apply their knowledge of basic employment and labor law while crafting a response that maintains the desired organizational culture.

Communication is a two-way channel for an HR professional. Organizations rely on human resource professionals to advise and consult with employees on policies, procedures, organizational goals, employee development, etc. As HR professionals engage with employees, their goal is to provide positive experiences that result in retention and the reduction of risks. An employee-centric approach that is conducive to professional and proper communication techniques can enhance employee morale, increase employee engagement, and support an inclusive work atmosphere. In this series of human resource Inbox assignments, you will practice applying the type of informal, yet accurate, communication needed for chat instant messaging tools in the modern workplace.

You are the HR professional at your company. One of your major duties is to monitor the HR instant messaging channel. The HR Inbox chat channel allows HR to communicate and support employees directly. While monitoring the HR channel, you receive the following chat messages from employees:

Dear HR: My supervisor is asking me to meet tomorrow morning. I do not feel comfortable doing so alone. Can I bring my coworker to the meeting?

Dear HR: My coworker just got a raise and is in the union. I am not in the union— am I getting a raise?

Dear HR: I was just suspended because I took a phone call from my child’s school when at work. My child was sick. Why was I suspended?


To complete this assignment, write a response to each of the three employee chat messages above as if you are the HR professional responding through instant messaging. You must explain the roles and responsibilities of human resources to accurately address each employee question. Be sure that whatever information you share is appropriate and relevant to the employee inquiry and that your overall writing style uses a tone and format appropriate for instant message communication in a business environment.

Specifically, your responses must address the following rubric criteria:

Rights: Explain the employee’s rights to bring a representative to a meeting.

What information do you need to know before you craft your response?

Compensation: Explain how employee compensation may differ due to membership in the union.

Inquiry: Justify an employee’s suspension based on behaviors.

What information do you need to know before you can respond to this employee? Would you address this situation the same way for represented and unrepresented employees?

Additionally, be sure that overall, your general writing style aligns with the following:

Tone: Discuss human resource roles and responsibilities using an engaging tone and encouraging questions.

Format: Communicate in a clear and concise writing style, offering information in high-level, small pieces.

What to Submit

Your assignment must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document, three paragraphs in length (one paragraph per question) with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, and one-inch margins.

Requirements: 1 page