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explain the significance and precedent of The Texas Revolution

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In a minimum of 300 words explain the significance and precedent of The Texas Revolution.


Here are your primary sources:


a. AAO Texas and the war against Mexico page 225, 9.1.2


b. The Laws of Texas, 1822-1897 Volume 1.


As the Texas Revolution began in 1835, some enslaved people sided with Mexico, which provided for freedom. In the fall of 1835, a group of almost 100 enslaved people staged an uprising along the Brazos River after they heard rumors of approaching Mexican troops. Whites in the area defeated and severely punished them. Several enslaved people ran away to serve with Mexican forces. Texan forces executed one runaway taken prisoner and resold another into slavery. Other enslaved people joined the Texan forces, with some killed while fighting Mexican soldiers. Three enslaved people were known to be at the Battle of the Alamo; a boy named John was killed, while William B. Travis’s enslaved person, Joe, and James Bowie’s enslaved person, Sam, survived to be freed by the Mexican Army.


The Section 9 of the General Provisions of the Constitution of the Republic of Texas, ratified in 1836, made slavery legal again in Texas and defined the status of the enslaved and people of color in the Republic of Texas.


People of color who had been servants for life under Mexican law would become property.


Congress should pass no law restricting emigrants from bring their enslaved people into Texas.


Congress shall not have the power to emancipate enslaved people.


Slaveowners may not free their enslaved servants without Congressional approval unless the freed people leave Texas.


Free persons of African descent were required to petition the Texas Congress for permission to continue living in the country.


Africans and the descendants of Africans and Indians were excluded from the class of ‘persons’ having rights.


The following year all those who had been living in Texas at the time of independence were allowed to remain. On the other hand, the legislature created political segregation; it classified free residents with at least 1/8 African heritage (the equivalent to one great-grandparent) as a separate category, and abrogated their citizens’ rights, prohibiting them from voting, owning property, testifying against whites in court, or intermarrying with whites.[30] As planters increased cotton production, they rapidly increased the purchase and transport of enslaved workers. By 1840 there were 11,323 enslaved people in Texas.


c. What went wrong at the Alamo- (Links to an external site.)



Question 2. Chapter 7.


How did many northern states react to free black people in the period from 1820 to 1861? What does this tell us about American society at the time? Did Blacks have equality in professional schools, private primary and secondary education, and religion? How did European immigrants affect Free African Americans?



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