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family of origin

Order Instructions

Topic: family of origin- (the research question must be about “family of origin”


I. Introduction Section – at most two paragraphs long

Begin with your research question; be sure it includes key concepts

Indicate why this topic is important for other people to know about

II. Methodology Section – about one paragraph long

Describe how you did your research for this paper. For instance, I know you used the library, so what areas/topics specifically did you pursue as you did your search?

Which keywords did you use when you searched for your sources? Tell the reader how to find the sources that you ultimately used for your paper.

If you had preconceived expectations, opinions, or hypotheses about what you would find in this research, state what they were

III. Findings Section – this should be longest part of your paper

Describe what you discovered or learned about your topic

Summarize what your outside sources found

Discuss and evaluate the methodology used by other authors of the sources you summarized or referenced

IV. Discussion & Summary – about three paragraphs long

In what ways were you surprised by your findings, or did they confirm what you expected

Explicitly make direct connections to concepts, theories, or other material from this course; it would be good to use your course readings as sources here.

Use 2 short direct quotes from 2 different peer-reviewed sources that you found from outside our syllabus (1 quote from each article).

Give your own opinions, evaluations, and/or predictions on this issue

Indicate what unanswered questions still remain on this topic which could be researched in the future

If you can, revisit your main question and provide a one sentence answer or suggestion

V. Definition of Family

For this section, provide YOUR OWN definition of family and apply it to the group/topic that you are writing about. For example, if your paper is about nuclear families, then you must provide a definition of who can identify as a member of such families and who cannot.


use two articles from the files. and also. pick to other articles from the internet



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