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Fat contributes to the flavor of foods.

BIOL1322 Nutrition & Diet Therapy

Chapter 6 Quiz

Which of the following statements is true?

Multiple Choice

Fat contributes to the flavor of foods.


Food fat is not a source of essential nutrients.


Each gram of fat contributes 4 kcal.


Adding fat to a food reduces the food’s “mouth feel.”




A scientist has discovered a new molecular compound that is a long chain of 26 carbons bonded together, with a methyl group on one end and an acid group on the other end of the molecule. The compound does not contain any nitrogen or sulfur atoms. Based on this information, the compound is a(an) ________.


Multiple Choice




fatty acid




amino acid




Brett eats ________ to increase his intake of omega-3 fatty acids.


Multiple Choice


baked beans


whole-wheat bread


canned sardines


fresh strawberries




The body can make limited amounts of ________ acid from alpha-linoleic acid.


Multiple Choice














Which of the following foods is a naturally rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids?


Multiple Choice


Corn oil


Raw carrots


Ground beef


Whole milk




________ acid is an omega-6 fatty acid.


Multiple Choice












________ acid is an omega-3 fatty acid.


Multiple Choice












Which of the following statements is true?


Multiple Choice


A fatty acid has a chain of carbons bonded to each other and to hydrogen atoms.


A fatty acid is a polymer of glucose molecules.


The omega end of a fatty acid molecule is the acid portion of the molecule.


Most fatty acids in food are water soluble.




Which of the following foods is a naturally rich source of monounsaturated fatty acids?


Multiple Choice












A chylomicron is a type of ________.


Multiple Choice


fatty acid










Which of the following statements is true?


Multiple Choice


VLDLs transport most forms of cholesterol in blood to the liver for disposal.


All forms of LDL cholesterol are considered unhealthy, because they increase the risk of diabetes.


The cholesterol carried by oxidized LDL is taken up by certain arterial cells and deposited in plaque.


Hydrolyzed HDL is a toxic lipoprotein that contributes to cardiovascular disease.




Sarah consumes approximately 2000 kcal/day. According to recommendations of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, she should limit her saturated fat intake to fewer than ________ kcal/day.


Multiple Choice












Maria usually consumes about 2000 kcal/day. On average, her fat intake is approximately 90 g/day. Based on this information, which of the following statements describes Maria’s diet?


Multiple Choice


Maria’s fat intake is not high enough to support good health.


Maria’s fat intake is higher than the AMDR.


Maria’s fat intake is within the AI.


Maria’s fat intake meets the RDA for lipids.




Sari would like to compare amounts of polyunsaturated fat in two brands of canned tuna. She should read the ________ on each product’s label.


Multiple Choice


structure/functions claims 


Nutrition Facts panel


country of origin information


list of ingredients




Layla has a high risk of cardiovascular disease, because of her family history and ________.


Multiple Choice


high blood levels of LDL cholesterol


low blood pressure


European ancestry


physically active lifestyle




Which of the following characteristics increases a person’s risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD)?


Multiple Choice


Asian ancestry


Higher than average intakes of calcium


Female sex


Type 2 diabetes




Having high blood levels of ________ may increase a person’s risk of CVD.


Multiple Choice








aspartic acid




Chronic alcohol abuse increases the risk of ________ cancer.


Multiple Choice












Theresa drank 5 ounces of wine. This amount of wine has about as much alcohol as the amount that is in ________.


Multiple Choice


1 ounce of liquor


5 ounces of beer


3 ounces of liquor


12 ounces of beer




Women who are trying to become pregnant or are pregnant should ________.


Multiple Choice


limit their alcohol consumption to beer


avoid all forms of alcohol


mix distilled alcohol with fruit juice before consuming it


drink alcohol only with meals


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