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Final Project Instructions: Marketing Plan & Presentation

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Final Project Instructions: Marketing Plan & Presentation


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Create a marketing plan for a new product or service of your own design/imagination. You final project will include the following three components:

1. The Marketing Plan document.

– For a template, please review the Sample Marketing Plan found in Appendix B of Pride & Ferrell, 20th edition (see Unit 6 Assigned Readings & Preparation Activities in Blackboard).

– The Marketing Plan must use APA formatting and be 2500-3000 words in length.

2. A narrated video presentation of your plan (with speaker notes) not more than 30 minutes in length.

3. Any collateral materials or documents needed to present your marketing plan (video, sample brochure, photos, etc.).

The Final Project is worth a total of 250 points: 150 points for the Marketing Plan, and 100 points for the presentation.


1. Choose a type of product/service that interests you personally or professionally.

– The product/service must be a hypothetical product and a fictional company.

2. Develop a marketing plan that includes the following key components (see instructions below for complete requirements):

a. Product/service description

b. Target market profile

c. Price strategy

d. Distribution/place strategy

e. Advertising and promotion strategy

3. Prepare a 20-30 video presentation of your marketing plan using your Southwestern College Zoom Pro account and the presentation of your choice.

Written Marketing Plan (150 points)

Begin with the product description. Your product description should be clear to anyone reading the plan and show the need for the product/service in the marketplace. Your overall marketing plan/strategy must indicate marketing principles and techniques and demonstrate how they are appropriate for the chosen product/service. Include supporting information that demonstrates potential demand in the marketplace. Describe how each of the marketing concepts you are using support your strategies and rationales.

Your marketing plan must use the following outline (sections). Note that this outline includes sections in addition to those on the Sample Marketing Plan mentioned above:

I. Executive Summary

II. Description of product

III. Environmental Analysis

a. The Marketing Environment

b. Target Market(s)

IV. Current Marketing Objectives and Performance

V. SWOT Analysis

a. Strengths

b. Weaknesses

c. Opportunities

d. Threats

e. Matching Strengths to Opportunities/Converting Weaknesses and Threats

VI. Marketing Objectives

VII. Marketing Strategies

a. Target Market(s)

b. Marketing Mix

i. Products

ii. Pricing Strategy

iii. Distribution/Place Strategy

iv. Advertising and Promotion Strategy

VIII. Marketing Implementation

a. Marketing Organization

b. Activities, Responsibilities, and Timetables for Completion

IX. Performance Evaluation

a. Performance Standards and Financial Controls

b. Measuring Actual Performance

X. Summary

XI. References

Marketing Plan Requirements:

– A minimum of 2500 words (not including the title page and references).

– Use APA formatting for page layout and citations.

– An introduction, abstract, and conclusion are not required. Instead, follow the 10 sections in

the outline above.

– Use support from at least three scholarly or professional sources (in addition to course

materials) that verify your choices. Preferable sources are not older than five years.

– Submit your Marketing Plan using the assignment submission link in Unit 6.

Video Presentation (100 points)

Create a 20-30-minute video presentation using Zoom Pro along with your choice of presentation software* that provides an overview of each of the 10 sections above of your written marketing plan (minus the References). Imagine that you are presenting in front of the “Shark Tank” to help drive the content and creativity of your presentation. Use best practices with regard to design, graphics, text and maintaining audience interest to present your product and strategy. Include thorough speaker notes which you can use for the audio narration of the presentation. You may submit your speaker notes separately.

*Possible options for presentation software include: PowerPoint, Prezi, KeyNote, Google Slides, etc.

Presentation Requirements:

– Each group must prepare a narrated video presentation that meets the assignment objectives and the expectations of the grading rubric.

– You must use a Southwestern College Zoom Pro account to record the video — see “General Requirements for Narrated Video Presentations” located in Academic Resources > Standard Syllabus.

– The presentation should have a minimum of 10 slides (one slide for each section of the plan), plus a separate title slide and an ending references slide

– Citations and references must be in APA format.

– The recommended length of the narrated video is 20-30 minutes.

– All team members must contribute equitably to the preparation of the presentation.

– If there is an issue with ALL group members being present for the recording of the

presentation, please contact your instructor.

– Download and read the following guides in Academic Resources:

o Organizing for Successful Group Projects

o Group Project Plan

– Each group member must invidually submit the presentation materials to Blackboard as


o Copy & paste the shareable link to the group’s Zoom recording into the submission

text box.

o Attach the slide deck (e.g., PowerPoint) and Zoom transcript files. o Do NOT submit an mp4 file of the recording!


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