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Find a current scholarly journal item that is related to IT/Cyber Security

Each week, students are expected to supplement the textbook materials from recent literature.  Find a current, scholarly, journal item (within the last 12 – 24 months) that is related to IT/Cyber Security, and the assigned topic for the week in question.  Provide a synopsis of the article to include:

·       a complete reference citation in APA format,

·       a brief article summary (two or three sentences are usually sufficient),

·       a bulletized list of key points with a little bit of explanation, (i.e., a sentence not just words / phrases)

·       a significant critique of the author, his research, the publisher, potential bias, accuracy, completeness, etc., and

·       the student’s personal assessment / conclusions.

(The last two, critique and conclusions, are the most important parts).


Research assignments will be graded upon:

·       their relevance to the overall course focus and the specific topic assigned,

·       the quality of the publication from which they are drawn,

(Wikipedia and similar sites are NOT acceptable academic sources),

·       the degree of student understanding as gleaned from the materials provided,

(summary, key points, critique, assessment / conclusions), and

·       proper formatting of references in accordance with APA guidelines and the instructions presented here.  Other APA requirements (title page, running header, etc.) are not required with this template.


Each synopsis must be presented as a one-page (maximum) report using the template provided below.  Research that indicates new advances in technology, major, recent changes in the topic area and / or significant impacts on the IT/Cyber Security environment is encouraged.


NOTE: The table below shall be submitted as a single, standalone page for each research assignment.  The vertical size of the boxes may be adjusted according to content length and the red italicized text should be deleted.  Otherwise, do not change the formatting.  Note that Times New Roman, 12-point font and 1” margins are used throughout.





Your full name as it appears in D2L.


Date of Submission


E.g., Week 2:  IT/Cyber Laws & EOs

Reference:    Reference citation in APA format.


Summary:    Short, one paragraph abstract / summary of the article.  Two or three sentences should be sufficient in most cases.


Feel free to vertically resize each of these three sections as necessary to fit your content.


Key Points:    Bulletized list of key points discussed in the article.  What really stands out?


Ø   Each bullet should be self-explanatory.  I.e., a sentence or two not just a word or phrase.


Critique:    In this section, I’m interested in your thoughts on the author / the research / the publisher / accuracy / completeness / etc. 

1.     Is the article well researched / factual / complete / accurate? 

2.     Are the concepts clearly stated? 

3.     Does the author and/or publisher have a good reputation?  Does he/she seem to be biased / knowledgeable / well informed?


Here’s the point.  In this country (and most others), from 1st grade through college we are given a textbook, told to read it, and we are then tested on the contents.  Seldom does anyone mention that there may be errors (of fact / judgement / etc.) or biases in the book.  I doubt that we could find a single piece of literature out there that does not include some form of error or bias.  So, I’m asking you to really think about what you read and basically pick it apart.  If it is well researched / written / factual / unbiased, terrific – why do you believe that?  If not, why not?



Assessment / Conclusions:    Your assessment / conclusions from the article and the concepts presented therein based upon your previous education, experience, current work environment, class materials and class discussions.  This is NOT just a book report.  You need to really THINK about what you read.


In this section, I’m interested in your conclusions based upon your critique above. 

1.     What was good about the article?  What was not?

2.     Do you buy the author’s argument?  Why/why not?

3.     What did you take away about the “worth” of the article / author / publisher?

4.     Did you learn anything new or interesting that wasn’t evident before? 

5.     Would you risk your reputation by recommending it to your boss, instructor, or some other knowledgeable individual?


Everything in red should be deleted.  The instructions page above should also be deleted prior to submission.



Total of ONE page MAXIMUM (Times New Roman, 12 pt.)



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