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Need assistance with discussion post. 

350 words in total (200 for discussion post 1 & 150 for discussion post 2) 

Please see attachment

Discussion Post 1:

First, read the classic argument:

Sojourner Truth, "Ain't I a Woman?" (attached)

Then, discuss: what might be the essay’s central argument or arguments? What is the rhetorical situation? Finally, analyze the effectiveness or ineffectiveness of the writing itself- what strategies are used to persuade the audience, and why is this essay considered important or memorable?

Task 1: Develop a substantive main thread addressing each part of the prompt in full. Your initial thread should be 2-3 paragraphs in length (200+ words total). Support your points with examples or illustrations from the text. Quotations/citations are not strictly required, but MLA style should be used if quoting or paraphrasing from the literature or outside sources.

Discussion Post 2:

Since a computer program is an algorithm and the basis of computer science, describe your processes when creating an Alice program. What logical steps are needed to create a complete functioning program? Even if a program is working (output is generated/a task completed), does that mean the output will be correct?

Task 1:  In your reply, you will post your response to the main topic. Your response should be  150 words

All post should be times new roman, 12-font, single spaced!