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For a monopoly in equilibrium:

Question 1 For a monopoly in equilibrium:

Question 1 options:


 MR = MC


 MC ≤ AC


 MR ≤ AR


 P ≥ AC


Question 2 A monopsony is a market with:


Question 2 options:


 many sellers


 one buyer


 many buyers


 one seller


Question 3 Generally speaking, population parameters are not known and must be estimated by the sample


Question 3 options:










Question 4 A multiple regression model involves two or more


Question 4 options:


 Y variables


 X variables


 intercept terms


 data points


Question 5 The standard deviation of the dependent Y variable after controlling for all X variables is the


Question 5 options:


 correlation coefficient


 coefficient of determination


 F statistic


 standard error of the estimate


Question 6 In a uniform distribution, the mode


Question 6 options:


 equals the median


 is less than the mean


 is less than the median


 is greater than the mean


Question 7 Incorrect rejection of a true hypothesis is called


Question 7 options:


 type I error


 type II error


 z statistic error


 t statistic error


Question 8 In a simple regression model, the correlation coefficient is


Question 8 options:


 greater than one


 less than one


 equal to one


 the square root of the coefficient of determination


Question 9 A roughly coincident indicator of business cycle peaks is given by


Question 9 options:


 new orders for consumer goods and materials


 the rate of change in sensitive materials prices


 the rate of change in stock prices


 personal income minus transfer payments


Question 10 A forecast method based on the informed opinion of several individuals is called


Question 10 options:


 personal insight


 panel consensus


 the Delphi method


 qualitative analysis


Question 11 A rhythmic annual pattern in sales or profits is called


Question 11 options:


 cyclical fluctuation


 secular trend


 trend analysis


 seasonal variation


Question 12 Lagging economic indicators include


Question 12 options:


 personal income


 the change in stock prices


 orders for new plant and equipment


 the average duration of unemployment


Question 13 The Delphi method


Question 13 options:


 employs interaction among experts in the hope that resulting forecasts embody all


available objective and subjective information


 can be influenced by the forceful personality of one or a few key experts


 employs an independent party to elicit a consensus opinion


 assumes that several experts arrive at forecasts that are inferior to those that


individuals generate


Question 14 A secular trend is the


Question 14 options:


 annual pattern in sales or profits caused by weather, habit, or social custom


 predictable shock to the pace of economic activity caused by wars, strikes, natural catastrophes, and so on


 long-run pattern of increase or decrease in a series of economic data


 rhythmic variation in economic series that is due to expansion or contraction in the overall economy


Question 15 The forecasting method that can be used when market data is unavailable


Question 15 options:


 time-series analysis


 regression analysis


 input-output analysis


 qualitative analysis


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