Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For a Social Work Class 1.)Introduction (3 pages maximum) ?A.?Background (history of problem (1 pg) ?B.?Brief stateme | WriteDen

For a Social Work Class 1.)Introduction (3 pages maximum) ?A.?Background (history of problem (1 pg) ?B.?Brief stateme

For a Social Work Class

1.)Introduction (3 pages maximum)

​A.​Background (history of problem (1 pg)

​B.​Brief statement of the problem (1/2 pg)

​C.​Significance of the study (1/2 pg)

​D.​Implications for social work practice and policy (1 pg)

2.​Review of Literature (3 pages maximum)

​A.​Brief review of current published works with a direct bearing on
     the problem (1 pg)

​B.​Review of any “classic” studies related to the problem (1 pg)

​C.​Establish if reviewed findings are consistent or disagree with each
     other and explain (1/2 pg)

​D.​Summary of the literature review (1/2 pg)

3.​Theoretical or Conceptual Framework (1 1/2 pages maximum)

​A.​Identify and discuss theory or model (1/2 pg)

​B.​Establish relationship to proposal topic (how these theories or models 

​help explain the problem to be investigated? (1/2 pg)

C.   Summarize the theory or model (1/2 pg)

4.​Questions and Hypothesis (1/2 page maximum)

​A.​State three general research questions

B.​State the general, the null, and two directional research hypotheses

​C.​State independent and dependent variables

​D.​Define variables and concepts

5.​Research Method (2 pages maximum)

​A.​Identify and describe type of research design

​B.​Population sample (i.e. sample size, sampling techniques, procedures 

​and forms

​C.​Plan of Data collection 

​D.​Development of Questionnaire

​​1. What items will be included?

​​2. Explain any instruments that have been developed by other 


​   3. Include sample of questionnaire (limit to 3 pages)

​E.​Plan of data analysis

6.​Conclusion and Limitations of study

​a.​What are the ethical and behavioral considerations when working with this population ​(use the NASW Code of Ethics)? If there was an ethical dilemma involving this client or ​study population, how would you resolve it? 

​b.​How does diversity impact the client or study population? What do social workers need ​to know?

​c.​What are the policy implications and how would you change policies to benefit this ​population? 



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