Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For the approved company and topic, Milestone 4 expands further into identifying the key resources and roles that will execute the digital marketing strategy. In this milestone, you | WriteDen

For the approved company and topic, Milestone 4 expands further into identifying the key resources and roles that will execute the digital marketing strategy. In this milestone, you

 For the approved company and topic, Milestone 4 expands further into identifying the key resources and roles that will execute the digital marketing strategy. In this milestone, you are to conduct the following in approximately 5-8 slides

  1. Organizational Chart of the Digital Marketing Department:   Build an organizational chart diagram and heiarchy of the key roles that will support this strategy. Depending on the size of your company and size of strategy, will determine the types of roles needed.  This can be assumption based, but use the course material and research to best guess the organizational structure for this strategic plan.
  2. Key Resources: What are the top 2-3 positions that have a major stake in this strategy and why? Provide at least 2-3 bullet points per each role and explain their important responsibilities and functions that majorly contribute to your strategy.
  3. Marketing Technology: Pick one of the marketing technologies mentioned in the class, that you would propose this company leverage. You can use some of the material from the previous marketing technology assignment, but you must tailor those marketing technology strengths towards YOUR strategy, explaining why your company chosen would benefit greatly from this marketing technology for the others. Also identify 3-4 key marketing tactics you would use in this technology and what type of personnel resource would manage those tactics. 

This section should be 5-8 slides approximately. Each slide should have minimum 4-5  speaker notes at the bottom. References and sources should be properly cited where needed. Any power point template, font type is fine. The slides however need to be executive presentation format. Milestone 4 will be given feedback after it’s deadline and a grade. For the FINAL project submission in the final week of the term, any Milestone 4 feedback from the instructor must be addressed and updated for the final submission.

I have added the company you chose on last assignment


Helisha Thapa

Amberton University

Dr Kyle Allison

MKT4260. E1

Analysis of the problem

The brick-and-mortar shop specializes on designer clothing for both men and women, as well as shoes and handbags, and is located in a small strip mall.

This company's primary problem is that its products can only be discovered by a tiny number of customers because of its inadequate website.

In order to grow and better serve its customers, the firm uses technology to raise its brand's visibility.

Target market

People who like the ease of online shopping are the key demographic for brick-and-mortar online clothes stores. Either have little time to go shop at a store or they have no tolerance for it. they are:

Online clothing shoppers enjoy the convenience of readily comparing costs from various retailers.

online-only shoppers who are unable to locate the clothing they need in the normal clothing store.

people who wear the same outfits over and again

employing technology to increase brand awareness

As part of the initiative, the brick and brick-and-mortar will use big data, information management, and social computing technologies in order to achieve its brand exposure targets. When it comes to outsourcing growth-critical company information, big data and knowledge management systems will be indispensable. This technology should be used to outsource information on techniques for acquiring new customers and increasing the business. By sharing information gained from their huge volumes of big data, organizations may be able to provide better customer service by using social computing.

Digital tools

Digital marketing requires a unique combination of passion, strategy, and media awareness. To get the most out of your varied campaigns, you need the greatest tools at your disposal. Brick-and-mortar will use the following tools

e-mail advertising software

Tools for content marketing

Tools for analyzing data

Tools for tool design

Social media platforms


In order to make advantage of this technology in social computing, you'll need a computer system and employees who are familiar with it. Bring in more customers by employing modern technology to integrate online shopping with the firm's brand awareness and protect corporate data.


Tian, X. (2017). Big data and knowledge management: a case of déjà vu or back to the future? Journal of Knowledge Management.

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Top 5 tools for Digital Marketing: Career Advice & Interview Tips: Wayup Guide. Career Advice & Interview Tips | WayUp Guide. (2018, June 29). Retrieved June 24, 2022, from


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