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 Research Methodologies in Health Care 


Assignment Content-  Literature Review 


Last week on the discussion board you thought about a research topic you were interested in. This week we are reading chapters 4 and 5 which discuss research reviews and secondary analyses. 

For this assignment you will write three analytical annotations using peer reviewed articles that are directly related to the topic you chose last week (it can be a different topic if you've changed your mind). 

Each annotation should be between 150-200 words. It should summarize AND analyze what is being said in an article. A literature review examines the strengths and weaknesses of what is presented as well as discusses how the author’s conclusion relates to the conducted research.

You've read detailed information searching the databases, the internet, and reading and documenting literature in your textbook. Your articles should be a peer reviewed articles (most articles in Monroe's database are peer reviewed). Please provide references in APA format.

For this assignment you will write three analytical annotations- 150-200 words each analytical annotations

APA Format.

Chapter 4 & Chapter 5.

Course Materials -Shi, Leiyo (2019). Health Services Research Methods, 3rd Edition. Boston, MA:Cengage Learning, Inc. ISBN: 978-1-133-94967-1


Research Proposal

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Research Proposal

A research proposal is an organized document that defines the study’s topic and describes how a researcher plans to investigate a specific problem. It basically offers an in-depth analysis of a topic and explains its significance to organizations wishing to fund or support it (Vasanthakumari, 2021). A research proposal also demonstrates the importance and quality of a project and the ability of the researcher to perform the proposed research. Overall, a research proposal presents and justifies the need to research a specific problem and explains how the proposed research will be conducted.

Research proposals should be vetted and detailed. Vetting helps to scrutinize the quality of the proposed study and check if there are any ethical issues arising from the proposed research. In other words, vetting helps filter out any research proposal that is considered inadequate in relation to research design/methods or deemed unacceptable in terms of ethical considerations in research. Similarly, research proposals should be detailed. In other words, they should contain every key element of the proposed research, with sufficient information to allow readers to assess its usefulness and validity.

I am interested in several research topics, including The Effect of Social Media on Adolescents’ Mental Well-being. This research topic is relevant and significant today due to the widespread use of social media platforms by children and adolescents. Research has revealed that social media negatively affects teens’ mental health. For instance, Gupta et al. (2022) argue that social media usage among adolescents can increase mental distress, suicidality, and self-harming behaviors. Bozzola et al. (2022) also argue that social media usage is associated with anxiety, depression, and poor body image. Further research will help address this issue.


Bozzola, E., Spina, G., Agostiniani, R., Barni, S., Russo, R., Scarpato, E., … & Staiano, A. (2022). The use of social media in children and adolescents: Scoping review on the potential risks.  International journal of environmental research and public health19(16), 9960.

Gupta, C., Jogdand, S., Kumar, M., GUPTA, C., & Jogdand, S. D. (2022). Reviewing the Impact of Social Media on the Mental Health of Adolescents and Young Adults.  Cureus14(10).

Vasanthakumari, S. (2021). Writing research proposal.  World Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews10(1), 184-190.