Chat with us, powered by LiveChat For this milestone, submit your organ system interrelationship and disease assessment to the discussion. In a bulle | WriteDen

For this milestone, submit your organ system interrelationship and disease assessment to the discussion. In a bulle


For this milestone, submit your organ system interrelationship and disease assessment to the discussion.

In a bulleted list, describe the homeostatic interrelationship between the primary organ system and one secondary organ system. Describe one disease or medical illness that affects the primary organ system you are reviewing.


I wanted to comment with some hopefully helpful information on this Milestone.

The primary organ system is your chosen organ system from Milestone One. The secondary organ system is a different one of your choosing. For example, your chosen system is the cardiovascular system, so you decide to talk about the cardiovascular system (primary) and its interaction with the respiratory system (secondary).

In your initial submission, you need to list interactions of the primary and secondary organ systems, including physiological functions the two systems perform together. Exemplary is for well-detailed points.

You also need to include information on the homeostatic interrelationship of the primary and secondary organ systems (your primary system and the other system you chose). Remember, homeostasis is a term from Chapter 1 and in general refers to maintenance of our body's systems in a range that is best for them. So, how do these two systems work together (interrelationship) to maintain specific homeostasis (balance) like temperature, insulin levels, heartbeat, etc. Exemplary is comprehensive information on the homeostatic interactions.

You also need to include information on a disease that affects the primary (your chosen) organ system. Exemplary is information supported with references.

For your minimum of two responses outside of your own Milestone submission, you need to provide information on a disease that affects their chosen primary system and that also affects your chosen primary system (these need to be two different systems). Do not copy and paste the same information from the disease in your initial submission as a classmate response. That will earn a zero for interaction.

I also recommend typing and saving your DB submission and Milestone posts outside of the Discussion Board in a different file and then copy-and-pasting into the DB that way you have a back up. Sometimes Brightspace goes down while you're working or you lose internet or something odd happens and you don't want to lose your submission.

These should be bullet points, not paragraphs.



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