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Forecasting Models

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Choose a different company from what you selected in Weeks 1 and 2. You may include the company you work for if not used previously.


The operations team in your organization has appointed you as a manager in the supply chain vertical. You are asked to provide your input for predictive big data analytics documentation.


Write a 1,050- to 1,275-word proposal to the CEO in which you include the following items (supported by course concepts and real-life examples):

Research 2 or 3 forecasting models, tools, and simulation models to determine the effectiveness of each, and describe how and why each will bring value to the company.

Discuss how various constraints such as information technology (IT), limited capacity, technology, and capital affect the company’s supply chain.

Analyze the expected pros and cons against the company’s current operational performance to propose 4 or 5 improvements to the existing supply chain.

Compare the 4 or 5 proposed improvements using the Comparison Matrix provided.

Evaluate how each would affect the company’s supply chain performance in the proposal.

Summarize the proposed improvements that should be implemented into the company’s supply chain.


Submit your assignment along with the Comparison Matrix.



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