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Game Theory & Strategic Behavior


Week 2 Quiz

Game Theory & Strategic Behavior

Question 1According to Albert, Guth, Kirchler, & Maciejovsky (2002), which is true about participants’ behavior in their experiment?


  Most participants submit the five identical offers in phase I.


  Most participants submit the exact same offer in phase I as in phase II.


  Participants typically submit different offers in phase I in order to exploit them in phase II.


 Question 2Which two major competitors do Brickley, Smith, & Zimmerman (2000) analyze in their paper?


  Ralph’s and Stater Bros.


  Airbus and Boeing.


  SnapChat and TikTok.


 Question 3Gibbons (1997) discusses applications of game theory in which academic area?




  Evolutionary biology.


  Economics and business.


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