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Gases do not expand or compress.

CHEM1305 Introductory Chemistry

Chapter 10 Homework Assignment  

Question 1Gases do not expand or compress.





 Question 2A barometer reads 30.8 in. Hg. Express the pressure in each of the following units:


a) kPa104 kPa


b) torr782 torr


c) psi15.1 psi


d) atm1.03 atm


Question 3A container of gas at 7.00 atm and 212 K is cooled to 140 K. If volume is constant, what will the final pressure be?


  70.0 atm


  10.5 atm


  4.69 atm


  1.49 atm


 Question 4A 3.2 L balloon of helium gas at 260 K increases in volume to 8.5 L. To keep the pressure constant, what should the final temperature of the balloon be?


  690 K


  0.10 K


  130 K


  27.2 K


 Question 5A sample of air at 5.00 atm expands from 1.75 L to 2.50 L. If the temperature remains constant, what is the final pressure in atm?


  0.286 atm


  2.50 atm


  1.25 atm


  3.50 atm


 Question 6A balloon with a volume of 1.0 L is filled with 0.10 moles of argon. If another 0.10 moles of argon is added (for a total of 0.20 moles) (and pressure and temperature remain constant), what will the final volume of the balloon be?


  1.2 L


  2.0 L


  22 L


  0.8 L


 Question 7If 10.0 L of neon gas exerts a pressure of 8.5 atm at 373 K, what is the number of moles of gas?


  2.78 moles


  6.48 moles


  0.781 mole


  1.50 mole


 Question 8At STP conditions, what is the volume of 2.30 moles of oxygen gas?


  230 L


  22.4 L


  11.2 L


  51.5 L


 Question 9What is the density of neon gas at STP conditions?


  20.18 g/L


  0.90 g/L


  1.00 g/L


  22.4 g/L


 Question 10A sample of O2 gas is collected over water at 21 °C. If the total pressure of the gas was 758 mm Hg, what is the partial pressure of the O2 gas? (the partial pressure of the water vapor at 21 °C is 18.7 mm Hg)


  40.5 mm Hg


  777 mm Hg


  739 mm Hg


  760 mm Hg


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