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Gender identity is a person’s individual association gender


NRNP6568 Synthesis in Advanced Nursing Practice Care of Patients in Family Care Settings

Week 9 Knowledge Check 

Question 1Gender identity is a person’s individual association gender (whether they feel primarily male, female, combination, or neither).






Question 2What behavior therapies can the NP recommend to treat urge incontinence?


timed voiding


double voiding


smoking cessation


only A and B


All of the above


Question 3Gender expression is the way in which a person communicates gender identity (for example, clothes, actions).






Question 4What does LGBTQ stand for?


Lesbian, gay, bigender, transgender, and questionable


Lesbian, gay, bigender, transferable, and questionable


Lesbian, gay, bi-relationships, transferable and queer


lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer/questioning


Question 5A healthcare professional who performs tasks involving exposure to blood or body fluids should receive a three-dose series of Hepatitis B vaccine at ______ -month, _______ -month, and ______ -month intervals.


0 ; 3 ; 6


0; 1; 6


0; 6; 9


0; 6; 12


Question 6What is the recommended weight gain during pregnancy for a female of normal weight?


10-18 pounds


25–35 pounds


35 to 45 pounds


40 to 50 pounds


Question 7What is the most common type of cancer in young children?


Multiple myeloma


Aplastic anemia


Acute lymphoblastic leukemia


Acute myleoblastic leukemia


Question 8Annual vaccination for influenza is recommended for persons aged ____________ and older.


2 months and older


4 months and older


6 months and older


1 year and older


Question 9What is the recommended first-line pharmacologic treatment for gonorrhea?


ceftriaxone 250 mg IM in a single dose and azithromycin 1g PO in a single dose


ceftriaxone 500 mg IM in a single dose and azithromycin 2g PO in a single dose


ceftriaxone 1 g IM in a single dose and azithromycin 1g PO in a single dose


Amoxicillin 500 mg po and Azithromycin 1 g po


Question 10Annual adolescent preventive visits continue to the age of ______.










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