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Select One topic below to write your initial discussion post. (minimum of 250 words; your reply to a peer should be a minimum of 75 words…see below)

1. Has your personality changed over time, and in what ways? If so, what contributed to that change? Is personality a good indicator of behavior? (personality)

2. Which ego defense do you think is more adaptive? Why? (personality)

3. Do children’s natures differ, or do differences among children only reflect differences in their experiences? (lifespan)

4. In what ways does a child’s developing theory of mind resemble how scientists create, refine, and use theories in their work? In other words, would it be appropriate to think of children as informal scientists in their development of social understanding? (lifespan)

5. Is conformity more likely or less likely to occur when interacting with other people through social media as compared to face-to-face encounters? (social)

6. Is self-esteem shaped by your personality qualities or by the value and qualities of groups to which you belong? (Social)

Discussion Post Information

Aim for initial postings of at least 250 words and responses to others that are at least 75 words.  Please avoid posting short responses to others such as, "Great post", "I agree," or "Me too."  Instead, think in terms of commenting on specific areas of others' posts.  In addition to using fully expressive postings, please remember to always proofread and spell check your work. To do so, click on the ABC check-mark icon on the menu placed on top of the window where you write.   

Each week, in order to receive credit for the weekly discussion forums, you must submit an initial post by Wednesday 11:59 (just prior to midnight) and reply to 2 classmates’ responses by Friday 11:59 (just prior to midnight).

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