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HCMG 6700 Health Care Policy Fall 2021 Comparative Health Care Systems Assignment Due Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 11:59p

 HCMG 6700 Health Care Policy Fall 2021 Comparative Health Care Systems Assignment Due Date: Tuesday, November 16, 2021 11:59pm In this assignment, you will be presenting information regarding the health care system for one assigned country. You will be summarizing information from two assigned sources: International Profiles of Health Care Systems. The Commonwealth Fund and the London School of  Economics and Political Science June/December 2020 International Health Care System Profiles Considering “Single Payer” Proposals in the U.S.: Lessons from Abroad. Glied et al, April 2019  Considering “Single Payer” Proposals in the U.S This project has two separate parts. Points will be divided between the individual submission (8.0 points)  and the team presentation (2.0 points).  Part 1: An individually developed Powerpoint presentation of an assigned universal health insurance  coverage system. The individually developed Powerpoint presentation is due in the Assignment Box on  11/16/21 at 11:59pm. Points will be deducted if this is late. Part 2: In-class team presentation of that system. The presentation will be given in class during our fourth  synchronous session on Saturday, November 20, 2021. You will be working with one other person to  present the assigned system. Your team may begin working together after both individual presentations  have been submitted on November 16. You may elect to choose one of the submitted individual assignments  for the team presentation or may choose to combine or edit them in some way for presentation. This  assignment is due in the Assignment Box on 11/19/19 at 11:59pm.  If you have taken another class (e.g., International Health) and reviewed a country, you must present  on a different country for this assignment. (Please let me know and I will make the change.)  All presentations will be developed in PowerPoint. Presentations should be succinct, cover the key  points, use the same background, and appear cohesive in nature. Do not simply cut and paste content  from the assigned materials except as directed for specific tables/graphics.  All references are to be included in a reference list in APA format on a slide at the end of the  presentation. (This includes the assigned references.) Use the Purdue OWL website as a resource for  APA style. Purdue Owl Resource  Each student must present orally for half the time to receive a full presentation grade.  Presentations will last no longer than 15 minutes and provide an accurate and thoughtful summary.  This means that you will NOT be able to include all the material in the document in your  presentation. You must identify the key points.  Keep in mind that you will be graded on your summary of the assigned material, your presentation  of that material, your ability to answer questions regarding the content, and observation of the time  limit.  Please use the major headings from International Profiles of Health Care Systems as slide titles as  indicated below and summarize the points in each section using bullet points. Do not simply copy and  paste the text from the reading into the slide. The slide titles below are to be used. For sections that cover  a lot of information, please use more than one slide to present that information, using the same heading  for each. You must identify key points, you will not be able to include everything given your time constraints. Integrate the five exhibits from Considering “Single Payer” Proposals in the U.S.: Lessons from  Abroad (Glied et al, April 2019) into your presentation. These should be placed at appropriate points in  the presentation—they should NOT all be placed at the end. (Only Australia, England, and Germany  presentations will include Exhibit 4 from Glied.) (Use Snipping Tool to capture the exhibits from the  2 | P a g e Glied text. Exhibit 2 is too large for one slide, so snip the exhibit to present the category where the system  you are presenting falls.) Slide titles and organization of the presentation follows. Slide titles: (Click on Country Profiles on the International Profiles of Health Care Systems website International  Health Care System Profiles. Click on your assigned country. See left hand side of page under  Downloads for “Country” Overview. DOWNLOAD THE Overview FILE.  Use the downloaded Overview file for information for the first slide Introduction (see first  paragraph in Health System Overview), Demographics, Health System Capacity & Utilization,  Spending (include Total Health Expenditures and other Spending information from Overview),  Health Status and Disease Burden  Introduction—see first paragraph in Health System Overview (summarize the  information)  Demographics  Health System Capacity & Utilization   Spending—include Total Health Expenditures and other Spending information from  Overview  Health Status and Disease Burden The information for the rest of the slides is found in the following sections under the “Country” Profile on the right side of the page. You can also download the PDF for these sections. How does universal health coverage work? Multiple slides using subheadings under this  section as titles:  Who has access to coverage? Distinguish between citizen and non-citizen access Role of government—very briefly outline roles of different levels of government Graphic of Insurance Coverage (% of Population)  Role of public health insurance  Role of private health insurance Primary and Secondary Health Insurance Coverage  Type of System  Financing  Secondary Health Insurance Services covered Graphic of Typical Patient Copayments and Safety Nets Cost sharing and out-of-pocket spending  Types of cost-sharing  Out-of-pocket spending as % of total health expenditurs  Physician Visits  Hospital Inpatient Care  Prescription Drugs  Caps on Cost-Sharing  Safety Nets 3 | P a g e How is the delivery system organized and how are providers paid? Multiple  slides if necessary using subheadings under this section as titles:   primary care  hospitals  long-term care and social supports  How are costs contained? (multiple slides as needed to present information) Health Care System Assignments: Singapore—Tazaria Anderson and Beverly Bassey France—Vladimir Benoit and Lakizzy Carson Australia—Stephanie Cesar and Dominque Hodges England—Bobby Hudson and Janae Jackson Norway—Priyaben Pandya and Krupa Patel   Sweden—Simran Patel and Justice Reeves Germany—Kevin Rodriquez and Nadia Water 


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