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Hey, I need a prospectus, specifically market

Hey, I need a prospectus, specifically market performance for the company Capri Holdings. Read over the full instructions doc and JUST COMPLETE the market performance section. This will be about 3 pages with pictures included.

An example has been attached as well. The deadline is 3 days, but please send an update on Sunday with 1 page complete.

C:Usersjeffrey_baleAppDataLocalMicrosoftWindowsTemporary Internet FilesContent.IE52U23KKMUMC900366390[1].wmfEconomic Prospectus Project

Your team will analyze the economic undercurrents of a major American corporation and prepare a prospectus on the company. Your work will cover many elements of the company including its product/service line, analysis of competitors, recent industry shifts, and consumer opinions amongst other things. Collectively you will assemble a physical prospectus and present your findings. You will be graded both individually and collectively based on input from teachers, peers, and group members.

Completed Elements for the Project:

1) Printed Prospectus detailing your findings. The contents of the prospectus are listed below. The prospectus should look professional and be neatly arranged in some sort of binder or folder. Please bring two copies on your presentation day. The prospectus should be seen as a complete guide to the company and its place in the market. The length will likely be 20+ pages of accumulated product – and will widely vary based on how well you consolidate material and organize your information. Remember that this prospectus is NOT only text, and should include plenty of photos, graphs, infographics, and other visuals that help us get a good idea of what the company is all about.

2) Oral presentation to the class about your company. The content of your presentation will naturally take from what you have researched with your individual jobs, but the structure is up to you to decide how we’ll be informed about the company. The presentation will be roughly 25-30 minutes long and will have an additional 10 minutes of questions from the audience who will inquire about your corporation and its place in the market. Ultimately you will have to recommend or not recommend your corporation as a potential stock buy. You will have five minutes to set up the classroom and your presentation before the clock starts. There is an expectation of practiced rehearsal and group members should be confident in the material.

The Content

· Product Lineup – Visual presentation of the product lineup for the company’s flagship products/services. Graphs and visual infographics are strongly encouraged. Research the company’s products and have a visual lineup of the products with basic descriptions about each. You should become the expert on the products and be able to respond to questions regarding them. Knowing information like sales figures for various key segments would be excellent. The more data you can provide the better.

Answer for: “What are the main products and services that the company is banking on selling?” Main Product: At least four pages of description for the products including the visuals.

· Key Competitors – Visual presentation of the product lineup for the company’s chief rivals in the industry. Research the biggest competitors for your company and their products. Consider what is new, and what the main challengers are. Graphs and visual infographics are strongly encouraged. Knowing information like sales figure for key challengers to your products would be excellent. The more data you can provide the better. Knowledge of where your company fits into the market would also be key. Answer for: “What are the main rivals for the company? Who are the biggest competitors in the industry and what products/services do they offer to the public? How does our company compare?” Main Product: At least four pages of description for the rivals. Breakdowns of industry trends – especially graphical – would be interesting.

· Industry Analysis and Forecasting – An analysis of relevant trends in the industry as a whole. Should display supply and demand shifts relevant for current times (probably within the last year). Should also include informed perspectives on where the industry is headed in the future – especially the near future. Answer for: “What economic movement have we seen in the industry in the recent history of the company? Where is this company and the industry as a whole going in the future?” Main Products: 1) A minimum of three pages of industry trends and commentary (should include specific shifts of demand and supply visually presented). Articles supporting shifts are encourages. 2) Forecast for the industry, and main products of the company, are also required in at least a one-page summary. Shorter individualized commentary from individual group members may prove interesting.

· History of Company – Provide a background of the company that you are researching so that the modern context makes more sense. Answer for: “How did the company get to where it is today and how do Americans know and feel about the company?” Main Products: 1) Four page write-up (photos included would be excellent) describing the history. 2) Five news article segments regarding your company or the industry as a whole should be included.

· Media Presence – Examine the way that the company is “selling itself” through the use of advertising, social media, and the world of public opinion. You should examine print advertisements, relevant online media sites that the company may use, television/web advertising, etc. Answer for: “How is the company trying to reach the consumer?” Main Products: 1) A one page analysis of the company’s recent advertising strategies 2) A broad collection of advertising samples that must include at least two current print advertisements in addition to perhaps shots of social media presence or video stills. Should clearly show a diversity in their campaigns across many types of media. 3) A proposal of ideas and concepts for future advertisements for their products (one page) 4) A visual presentation of some interesting element and statistics of the company in infographic format. This will be an original infographic that you will create – work in close collaboration with your team to get appropriate information.

· Market Performance – Provide a broader perspective of the stock price since its inception as a publically traded company. Analyze carefully the movement in the stock and note key causes for the stock jumping or falling over the past decade (10 years). Answer for: “How are investors feeling about the company?” Main Product: Two page analysis of the stock valuation and major changes in the last several years – with special emphasis on the last year. In essence – how has the stock performed?

· Focus Groups – In depth analysis of how people feel about the company in the current year. These groups will target either breadth or depth. You will choose whether to survey 80 people in an online survey about your company (10-12 brief questions that would lead to good aggregate data) or do two in-person focus groups (6-8 people each that would lead to good personal insights). Answer for: “How are consumers feeling about the company?” Main Product: 1) For the online survey –graphical breakdown of awareness of the brand association, word association, theories of demographics, familiarity with icons (logos, mascots, etc.), satisfaction, and others.[endnoteRef:1] 2) For the focus group – video of the actual focus group (no more than 3 minutes of spliced and compiled clips) which can include discussion and/or product testing. [1: Raw data should be included]


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