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HIST 101 Dr. Kittell Fall 2021

HIST 101 Dr. Kittell Fall 2021


Assignment 2: Art and Music


Below are listed items divided into two categories, Music and Art. Choose one item from each category (music and art). Write at an analysis of each item as an historical source. The analysis, as the instructions below indicate, has two sections to it. Your analysis should have a minimum of 250 words, double spaced for each part—that is, for each section (Art or Music), for a total of 500 words, and thus a total of 1000 words for the whole assignment. These are minimums and not word limits. You are encouraged not to limit yourself to these minimums.


Please work on this assignment independently (you should not have the same choices as another student. Any set of papers that are clearly the result of close collaboration will receive one grade to be split among each collaborator.)


Each part will be worth 25 pts for a total of 100 pts. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to let me or Ben know. Due date: Please turn in the Second Exercise over email to me ( or to Ben ( by 5 pm, Thursday, December 2. Music: Part 1 (worth 25 points): Please listen to the piece in its entirety (you can find the music on YouTube), and then write an analysis of no less than 250 words about what you thought of the piece (how it was constructed, instrumentation, lyrics, tonality etc.), in addition to how you felt listening to it. Note any interesting parts that stood out for you. “It was good music”, “I liked it” or “I didn’t like it” are insufficient answers. PLEASE explain why you have such an opinion! Part 2 (worth 25 points): The second section, again at least 250 words, needs to have the information about the piece. What is the instrumentation (i.e., vocal, trumpet, orchestral strings, etc.)? Who was the composer (if applicable)? Who performed the piece? When was it written? Where does the piece originate (i.e., country)? How does the music connect to themes in the class? Draw connections from the class notes and readings. Art: Part 1 (worth 25 points): Look at the piece you have chosen (don’t just glance at it). Write a description and an analysis (at least 250 words) of what you see, (i.e. subject matter, colors, textures, words, etc.) What aspects of the piece inspire you? Part 2 (worth 25 points): Write another analysis (again at least 250 words) about the piece from the point of view of its context. Who was the artist? Where did it originate? Identify the medium (oil painting, sculpture, wood craving, etc.) How does the time in which it was composed effect


HIST 101 Dr. Kittell Fall 2021


the piece? How does it connect to the themes in the class? Draw connections from class notes and readings. Paper guidelines This assignment should be double-spaced typed following proper grammatical rules. Your writing needs to be specific without generalizations (i.e. “It was painted a long time ago” or “it was very significant to the world or the audience is anyone who sees it”, is not specific enough.). Try to cite your sources, any standard format will be accepted: MLA, APA, Chicago, Turabian, etc. Wikipedia is not an acceptable source!!!


Category 1: Music Category 2: Art 1 Le siècle de l’Ars Nova


La musique ancienne. De L’Antiquité à la Renaissance


Çatalhöyük, Female couple


2 Hildegard von Bingen Voice of the Living Light


Moche, Warrior Pot


3 John Dunstable Motets Veni sancte spiritus


The Queen of Sheba (Bilqis) and the hoopoe


4 Johannes Ockeghem Missa Prolationum Kyrie


Edo peoples, Court of Benin Plaque:Warrior and Attendants


5 The Cuckcoo Song ‘Sumer Is Icumen In Rapa Nui moai 6 G.P. da Palestrina


Motets for 5 voices Hieronymus Bosch, The Garden of Earthly Delights


7 Le chant des premiers chrétiens La musique ancienne. De l’Antiquité à la Renaissance


Giuseppe Tucci National Museum of Oriental Art Pear Shaped Bottle Iran


8 Johann Sebastian Bach St. John’s Passio, Ruht wohl ihr heiligen Gebeine


Inca, Miniature gold llama figurine


9 Antonio Vivaldi Four Seasons Winter


Fuxing – the God of Happiness 14th c. sculpture


10 Hernando de Cabezón O bella


The Great Abu Sa’ud Teaching Law: Folio from the Divan of Mahmud ‘Abd al–Baqi


11 Wacław z Szamotuł Już się zmierzcha


The Savior. Image not made by hands. circa 1360, Moscow


12 Tinódi Sebestyén Egri históriának summája


The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Spanish Straw Helmet


13 Andreas Düben Senior Miserere mei Deus


Le Mont Saint Michel


14 Hugo von Montfort, Fro welt Michelangelo, Laurentian Library reading room


15 Thomas Morley, Now is the Month of Maying


Walter’s Casket Casket with Scenes of Romance


16 Χριστούγεννα ύμνους -Λυκούργος Αγγελόπουλος Hymnes de Noel


Detail of a miniature of the storming of Corunna by Broadas, from Poems and Romances (the ‘Talbot Shrewsbury book’)


HIST 101 Dr. Kittell Fall 2021


17 Saint Yared Ethiopian Orthodox Church Song


Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, Judith Beheading Holofernes


18 Bo Ya, Gao Shan Liu Shui Vase in the shape of a cockerel 19 Xi Kang, Guangling San William Hogarth, Serjeant Painter to His Majesty 20 Annamacharya


Bhāvamulōna bāhyamunandunu Magical stela




Kiribati, Te Keangi Ni Marawa Jean Cousin the Elder The Drowning of Britomartis


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