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FIRST, Following observation of a lesson teaching the 3 branches of government in a second-grade social studies class. In 300-350 words, summarize your observation and interview Q and A’s with your mentor teacher, and describe how you will apply what you have learned to use in your classroom.

Interview includes the following Q and As:

1. How do you engage your students in social studies lessons?

Connect to the real world and how it has or can effect us today. Also, putting them in the place of people who lived back then can connect them to how they lived and thought about things.


2. How do you apply real-world relevancy to the lessons?

I had an old SS teacher who would have us use the newspaper or magazine article about a real life situation happening in our community and write about it/reflect/share our thoughts on it.


3. What examples do you have of incorporating the arts into social studies lessons?

There are so many ways to incorporate art into the lesson. You can have them write, draw, paint, recreate artifacts and hand make things from the past.


4. What strategies do you use to create learning experiences that activate students’ prior knowledge?

At the beginning of lessons, especially introducing new topics, I like to ask my students if they know anything about it or any questions have that they want answered by the end of the lesson.


NEXT, fill out second-grade social studies observation sheet on the social studies lesson -3 branches of government lesson that was taught by mentor teacher.


THEN, Submit your observation form and collaboration summary with two resources as one deliverable.


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FINALLY, APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected. All sources must be in APA 7 format.