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HRMGT169 ? Diversity and Change Management Diversity/Change Management Final Course Project? Throughout the semester,

HRMGT169 – Diversity and Change Management

Diversity/Change Management Final Course Project 

Throughout the semester, we have discussed many Diversity Issues facing employers in today’s workplace. Choose one of the issues discussed and base this project on that issue incorporating aspects of the Change Management processes also discussed in this course. 

Your project will take the position and view of an external consultant hired by an organization. 

In this project, you will identify the approach needed to effectively address a diversity problem in an organization (current or past). 

Your project will also effectively address the proposed plan to engage the organization in solving the diversity problem or an assessment of a planned change initiative that has recently occurred. 

Your project must also include a description of the implementation process and how the change should be managed. 

An evaluation component should be included which measures whether the approach and the implementation solved the problem.  

The list of sections of the paper and their headings are below. 

Your best source to assist you with this project is your Change Management and Diversity Textbooks!!

Use other outside references as needed (cite your sources). APA format is not required. However, a full URL address is required along with retrieved date. 

Your paper should include appropriately cited references and demonstrate effective writing and grammar skills. 

To effectively describe such a proposed planned change initiative, 4-5 pages of written information would not be unreasonable. 

**Remember – I am looking for quality information not quantity. 

Your project should address the items listed below: (sub-headings are required – also use bullet points and numbers vs. long paragraphs of “stuff”, title page, table of contents, page numbers, sources cited, etc. are  


also required):


1. Introduction: Describe the organization. 

Problem:  Define and describe the problem.

Diagnosis: Describe where the problem is located in the organization and how you might analyze the organization (Chapter 4 – Change Management Textbook). 

Data Collection: Describe the data you will need and how it will be collected. 

Intervention and Change Management Plan

Describe an appropriate intervention (method of delivery) based on your learning from this course which addresses the diagnosis of the problem. 

There needs to be logical link from the problem through the diagnosis to the intervention. 

Implementation Plan: Describe in detail the strategies and activities which will enable you to implement your intervention. 

Include management approaches to dealing with change. 

Include a plan which describes the types of behaviors the change agent will need to demonstrate to make the plan successful.  

Identify how to overcome resistance and manage the change.

Include a complete description of the implementation process. 


Identify how you know when the results have been obtained.

Identity how to evaluate progress toward the goal. Be specific.

Identify what is needed to complete the evaluation.

Identify if the approach and the implementation solved the problem.  




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