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HSL 4850 Human Services Programs: Community, Culture, and Intersectionality

HSL 4850 Human Services Programs: Community, Culture, and Intersectionality


Professional Development Plan Part II: Activism


The goal of the Professional Development Plan is to 1) analyze aspects of professional ethical


conduct, 2) articulate a specific area & areas of activism, and 3) Develop a professional plan for


your career in this area. Part II will focus on your selected area of practice and advocacy within


that topic area.


For this assignment you will complete a paper of no more than 3 pages (not including your


cover page and reference page) with three sections/headings, as seen below. Please use


these headings in your paper to delineate sections.


Specific Area of Human Services


Explain the specific area of human services in which you are interested in working (e.g., family


services, corrections, child welfare, teaching). It can be a broad area if you’re unsure or a more


specific role/job title if you know. This section can just be a sentence or two.


Identification of Specific Issue


Identify a specific issue within your area of interest that is a problem. This can be a policy issue, a


practical issue, or something else that stands out to you about the field. Use the literature to


support your argument. You should include citations to at least 3 sources that include statistics


and/or information about the problem. The literature should be used to provide evidence of the


problem and contextual information. Be sure to cite in APA format. For example, in child


welfare, you might discuss the lack of adoptive homes and the fact that children sometimes age


out of the system without being adopted, resulting in a lack of permanence. You could provide


statistics on the numbers of children in foster care, an article on the lack of adoptive homes, and


information specific to this problem in Illinois.


Ways to be an Advocate


Identify at least two ways you could be an advocate for your selected population in relation to the


problem you identified in the previous section. Discuss & provide examples of what your


advocacy might look like. Don’t just say speak out or be an advocate – be specific.


Grading Rubric


Assignment requirements (5 points)


The assignment is no more than 3 pages of content, double-spaced, uses 12 point Times New


Roman font throughout, has 1” margins, each section is clearly labeled with an appropriate


heading. No points will be earned if these criteria are not present.


Writing, Spelling, Grammar (5 points)


The paper has correct spelling and grammar with no/few mistakes and is well-written.


References in APA format (5 points)


References are provided in correct APA format, both in-text and on a reference page.


Specific area of human services (5 points)


This section is included and clearly describes the area of human services in which the student is


interested in working.


Identification of specific issue (10 points)


This section is included and clearly identifies a specific issue in the student’s area of interest.


The issue is clearly discussed/explained and at least 3 sources are used to support the student’s




Ways to be an advocate (10 points)


This section is included and clearly discusses at least two ways to be an advocate for the selected


population in relation to the problem identified in the previous section. Advocacy efforts are


explicit and clearly explained.


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