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I Am posting one discussion and two homework to be done separately. for the discussion i need yo

 I Am posting one discussion and two homework to be done separately. for the discussion i need you watch the YouTube link posted and answer the two questions with 250 words not in APA or MLA format. 

1).How did 9/11 shape how some other Americans viewed Muslims? 

2).What are your thoughts about different religions in our country and inequality?

watch the link and answer the above questions.


 I need this done APA format 250 words double space.

1. Listen to Act I of the This American Life Podcast 512: House Rules: 

Respond to the following questions: 

1. Based on the experience of the testers of the Fair Housing Justice Center, why might discrimination laws be difficult to enforce? 

2. What is redlining? Who was responsible for institutionalizing redlining practices? 

3. Why was the housing bill considered “the first Northern civil rights bill”? 

4. What are some of the consequences of housing discrimination?


 Needs to be done APA format double space total of 500 words. see question below.

Answer the following questions from Chapter 6. Each answer should be at least 150 words in length.

1. Use the concept of colorism to explain why some employers prefer to hire light-skinned African Americans and Latinos. How might these hiring preferences contribute to skin-color stratification in the labor market?

2. Give an example of a light-skinned female artist of color, and explain how the “beauty queue” concept may have influenced her rise to fame. 

3. Do skin-lightening practices suggest that women of color desire to be white? Support your claim with findings from at least two studies discussed in Chapter 6, “Colorism and Skin-Tone Stratification.”


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