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I need 2 comments on my classmates discussions. I attached my discussion and 2 other classmates

I need 2 comments on my classmates discussions. I attached my discussion and 2 other classmates, I have to leave comment on them

This is my discussion

In the United States, there are a lot of subcultures comprised of a group of people that have unique characteristics from other people. They have learned and studied their lifestyles from the subculture groups they belong into and it is this similar behavior that makes them stand out. For this discussion; the three subcultures applicable for the projects are the Muslims, body builders, and the military.

The Islam’s are individuals from different races, ages, ethnicities, cultures, and traditional beliefs but have come together due to one religious belief known as Islamic. This is an Abrahamic monotheistic religion that was started by Prophet Muhammad. The Muslims have a common goal of living a holy life and joining Allah in the afterlife. Muslims have common characteristics for instance the dress code which is universal and easily helps in identifying a Muslim male or female from a crowd, the number of times and specific prayer time in a day, and the overall way of perceiving and handling life and other people in general. Muslims also have a specific way they build the Mosques

A body builder is a group of people with intentions of attaining a specific type and shape of body that they consider perfect. For the body builders, a perfect body is comprised of massive muscles with limited fat. To attain this body shape, they apply serious intensity in the gym and have a way of life for instance the kind of food to eat, the appropriate time to eat and the portion. They have a common characteristic of wearing small and tight clothes for the purpose of showing off the hard earned and sculpted physiques that they also use for competition purposes across the world.

The biker is another subculture comprised of men and women that ride bikes or motorcycles for fun and also as a career. The group has a major characteristic of discipline as they are committed at remaining fit by riding for long journeys and they support each other. The group beliedf that riding does not inly keep the body away from diseases but also can promote the wellbeing of the economy. Additionally, there are time the members ride to support a specific mission for instance to raise certain awareness like HIV and Aids, cancer, or family violence for the benefit of the society.

I need comments on these students discussions

Aida Arakelyan

Since I am going to be performing my research on the culture of video gaming, there are many different types of subcultures I can do my project on as well. One subculture could be categorized as to what kind of console is being used to play. For example, those who use the PlayStation can be categorized as a subculture because it is a medium-sized community of people who are part of the video gaming culture. Another example of a subculture would be those who use Nintendos. There are many types of video games that can be played on each of these consoles that differ in many ways. Subcultures can even be specified in the different video games played. The group of people who play the game Call of Duty can be categorized into their own subculture. They are completely different than the community of people who participate in the game Fortnite. These two communities differ in many ways, like age groups, for example. Knowing individuals who are a part of each of these subcultures, I will be able to perform great research and learn more about them and their unique components.

Sandra Hanna

As my first subculture to study, I would like to learn more about Coptic Orthodox Church. I would like to know their beliefs, how they came to be, and what makes them different from other Christians.

My second subculture I would like to study in detail would be Oaxacan Culture. What makes this culture different from other Mexican states, whether they are considered indigenous or not, what is their language like?

Lastly, I would like to look at how Girl Scouts started, is there more to it than just the pins, and what do they believe in?


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