Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Identify a current or controversial issue that forensic psychology professionals face that has been recently influenced by legislation, case law, or national policies. (Refer to the next list for possible issues.) Explain the legal and policy decis | WriteDen

Identify a current or controversial issue that forensic psychology professionals face that has been recently influenced by legislation, case law, or national policies. (Refer to the next list for possible issues.) Explain the legal and policy decis

Required elements to write:

  • Identify a current or controversial issue that forensic psychology professionals face that has been recently influenced by legislation, case law, or national policies. (Refer to the next list for possible issues.)
  • Explain the legal and policy decisions that have contributed to the evolution of the current legal status of the selected issue.
  • Summarize relevant research in psychology that has informed the manner in which the forensic psychology professional conducts research or consultation related to the selected issue.
  • Describe ethical dilemmas likely encountered by the forensic psychology professional while conducting research or consultation related to the selected issue.
  • Integrate research about legal laws and policies with scholarly research findings in order to propose recommended best practice standards related to the selected issue.
  • Explain how the recommended best-practice standards will contribute to social change.


Comprehensive Outline on Batterers Women Syndrome and Stand Your Ground

Monique Brown

Walden University

June 12, 2022

Battered Women’s Syndrome

Introduction to the legal issue/topic

Advocates of Stand Your Ground regulations negatively exploit the picture of weak ladies to safeguard extensions of self-preservation convention, notwithstanding the way that such regulations really support and fuel existing orientation isolates justifiably regulation that lopsidedly hurt ladies. The allotment of ladies' all in all correct to self-preservation by Stand Your Ground allies veils the law's aggression toward ladies' utilization of power and clouds the genuine accomplishment of such regulation: the standardization and advancement of (frequently white) male brutality in a steadily growing assortment of situations. Battered Women's Syndrome, the main account accessible to ladies who retaliate, powers ladies to argue for benevolence and subjects their way of behaving to broad investigation and assessment (Deb, 2021).

History of the legal issue and related topics

Over the previous ten years, the utilization of self-protection as characterized under Stand Your Ground regulations have been the subject of political and lawful examination. A few high-profile cases have filled in as impetuses for common liberties associations, social equality activists, and lawmakers to scrutinize the need for Stand Your Ground regulations, and these cases have likewise presented the likelihood that people who have generally been disappointed inside the law enforcement framework in light of race, class, and orientation keep on being limitedly safeguarded under this more "sweeping" regulation. Where the constraints of these regulations are turning out to be progressively apparent is with instances of cozy accomplice viciousness. Nonetheless, there has not been any observational examination in regards to how Stand Your Ground regulations apply to imply accomplice brutality, and this is the situation in spite of basic assessments exhibiting self-protection regulation to be principally androcentric in language and expectation.

Impact of the legal issue/topic on forensic psychology professionals

Stand Your Ground sends the legitimate and social message that men can progress against outsiders anyplace based on the obscure, emotional view of dangers. Male brutality isn't just endured, yet praised; ladies' savagery isn't just deterred, however, disparaged. Conjuring the picture of weak ladies to advance forceful self-preservation manner of speaking occupies from the truth that viciousness remains predominantly a male honor.

Ethical dilemmas for forensic psychology professionals related to the legal


A battered woman’s syndrome is a mixture of feelings alongside other temperamental patterns which are a result of the consequences of trauma, lack of assistance, and a round of violence which makes the affected female victim blindly acknowledge that it is impossible to evade the abusive relationship the battered women usually find it difficult to leave the abusers. Although men may equally be abused by their spouses or those whom they are in love with, most victims are usually women who find themselves susceptible to the attack from male partners who are largely perceived by the former as mighty and authoritative. Furthermore, women who stick to the abuser have varied reasons for not taking any drastic steps. For instance, most women who may be victims of domestic violence are often not in a position to support themselves financially and so the dependency syndrome on their husbands becomes the order of the day. Other abused women feel that running away from their habitual attackers may prove to be futile because they will always be caught up with the abuser (Buel, 2021).

Best practices for forensic psychology professionals related to the legal issue/topic

One of the major mistakes the majority of individuals make is to believe that battered women tend to bring the violence upon themselves and that if they really desired to leave they could do so easily. Such people do not stop and think that perhaps these battered women are being held hostage in their own homes and are psychologically being abused in an effort of breaking down their will and bring them under control. However, domestic violence or battery is punishable under the law and its criminalization has led to the enigma being defined legislatively and legally. In other words, it is currently prosecuted as a crime by attorneys even though no charges are brought against the abuser by the victim and where their assistance is not required.

Best practices and contributions to social change

This inclination has been classified into Stand Your Ground regulations, where close accomplice brutality casualties are expected under Castle Law to have an insurance request given by the court to demonstrate sensible trepidation against their accomplice who might have a moral or legitimate right to a similar property where the viciousness happens. The flow study was intended to address this limitation in the examination and to give the primary known proof of how legal Stand Your Ground regulations are being applied to instances of self-protection that include close accomplices.


 Despite the fact that it became a popular manner in which behavior could be justified in some courts it has not yet been fully accepted or established in the psychological arena. It is therefore important for those advocating for battered women with a social agenda to start doubting the political value of testimony regarding Battered Woman Syndrome. Solutions should also be sought to the increased domestic battering and abuse taking place in America as well as most parts of the world (Boxall, & Dowling, 2020).


Boxall, H., & Dowling, C. (2020). Female perpetrated domestic violence: Prevalence of self-defensive and retaliatory violence.

Buel, S. M. (2021). Beyond battered women’s syndrome. The Oxford Handbook of Feminism and Law in the United States

Deb, A. (2021). Battered woman syndrome: Prospect of situating it within criminal law in India. BRICS Law Journal8(4), 103-135.


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