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Requirements: 4 pages
Based on your studies and experience, select a project you consider a “technical project,” write a 3 – 5 page paper using MS Word (not including title page and references) and use proper APA format. In this paper, explain:
What makes this project “technical?”
Identify at least three significant challenges that make it unique compared to a non-technical project.
Briefly describe what management challenges you might expect compared to a non-technical project.
You are not expected to identify every characteristic of a technical project but the significant elements you consider that differentiate it from a non-technical project.?If you know someone working on a technical project, consider interviewing them. We can learn a lot from our peers in the field.?
Properly cite at least two additional sources outside the course materials (textbook, lectures, etc.). Remember, this paper needs to be original to this class and?in your own words. While outside sources are allowed, your paper should be overwhelmingly your own words. Papers with more than 10-15% citations will have points heavily deducted. ?

2Wael (Lilo) AltaliMPA, PMP, PMI-ACPTech Projects: Why so different? Leading & Managing Technical Projects
Lets color! 3
Groups of 3! 4I will assign roles:Cutter, Painter, and TesterEach team member will work in his/her silo which means only the cutter is allowed to cut the paper, painter allowed to color and tester will perform inspection and verify the acceptance criteria.ROUND 1
5Acceptance Requirements -Testing 1. Each circle must have at least two different colors2. Each circle should be minimum 90% filled with color3. White space doesnt count as color4. Cutting must be around the edges of the circle5. Circles with major distractions in cutting will be disqualified
Self-organize into groups of 3! 6ROUND 2In this method, a team is self-organized, no silos. Any team member can work on any task e.g. cutter is allowed to do coloring and painter is allowed to cut the circle.This round of the activity is divided into three iterations.
Why were we more successful in Round 2? 7How were we able to increase production, but not hinder quality?
You just practiced good tech project management? Self-organizing teamsFast Pace without hindering qualityFrequent value delivery Frequent check ins (retrospectives) Working with the quadruple constraints Changing role of the project manager!!! 8
How was this exercise similar to tech projects? Strong need for innovation and creativityResource constraints Quadruple Constraints Broad skill spectrum, cross departmental Complex decision-making Short product life cycleFast changing 9
Quadruple Constrains 10Page 21 Thamhain(textbook)
Classification of Tech Projects Maturity in Project Management Series]By Russell D. Archibald & DarciPrado
Lets plot the project we worked on today! Maturity in Project Management Series]By Russell D. Archibald & DarciPrado
1. We classify our tech project!2. We plan for it.
High risk,High uncertainty 14Similar to our exercise today many tech projects require frequent process checks, and not just one time planning!Morsuccessful with just strong front-end planning. Page 24 Thamhain(textbook)Low risk,Low uncertainty
Low-Tech15High-TechHigh dependency on technology outside of the project, increases risk and forces schedule padding. Depends on successful collaboration, vendor relationship, strong procurement practices, and cross organizational relationships.Still has a level of risk. Doesnt depend on outside technology as much, or all technology is able to be produced as part of the project. Many high-tech projects maybe done in small low-tech increments to mitigate risk.
Complexity of tech projects can often make them unreliable due to:Fuzzy GoalsSubject to Constant ChangeMulti-FuncationalTeamsResource Constraint of SMEs
Classification helps determine best life cycle!
Predictive 18AgilePage 215 Thamhain(textbook)Retrieved from
Flow-Based 19Iterative-Based Todays project followed an incremental life cycle we released a product and kept improving it in the same time-boxed structure. We didnt release different components of it. Each build? completes a feature. Each build? does not have to mirror the other.
Flow-Based 20Iterative-Based Todays project followed an incremental life cycle we released a product and kept improving it in the same time-boxed structure. We didnt release different components of it. Each build? completes a feature. Each build? does not have to mirror the other.
21Next Week: Organizational Structures Page 8 Thamhain(textbook)
22Round Table Discussion:Which life cycle is most appropriate for high tech, high risk projects?
You will walk away from this course with a ToolKitthat is my promise to you!23We will combine theory, practice, and creativity. Extremely high standards will be held in this classroom.
Course Expectations Students have fully reviewed the syllabus and are following it. Students come to class having done the readings and watched any pre-lecture video(s)! All feedback from instructor and peers is applied. Assignments demonstrate strong command of reading, lecture, and project management literature.Active participation in the classroom.NO LATE assignments are accepted. 24
Discussion Board Online 20%Initial post due Wednesday at 11:59 PM EST of every week. Follow-up post due Saturday at 11:59 PM EST of every week.Discussions should be relevant, demonstrate PM knowledge, and engaging. Get creative!25
Individual Assignments 40% Assess understanding of readings, lectures, and general project management. Encourages personal reflection, but assignments are not biographies nor personal opinion pieces. As are not awarded unless student presents work of extremely superior quality. 3 individual assignments 26
Group Case Study 20%Week 5 Final Exam20% Week 627
No grade should be a surprise I use the rubric in your syllabus.As always, creativity is encouraged. 28
Syllabus Grading GuidelinesRangeGrade given forA to A-Excellent, thorough work which demonstrates complete command of the material andgoes above and beyondthe assignment requirementsB+ to B-Good work which meets the assignment requirements and demonstrates an understanding of the conceptsC+ to C-Average work which meets most assignment requirements and demonstrates an understanding of at least?of the concepts presented in the courseFPoor work which doesnt meet at least?of the assignment requirements and demonstrates insufficient evidence of a command of the course concepts29
30Wael (Lilo) AltaliMPA, PMP, [email protected]

2Wael (Lilo) AltaliMPA, PMP, PMI-ACPOrganizational Structures:Making sense of the madness! Leading & Managing Technical Projects
Activity:Lets Organize! 3
Activity: The Human Organizational Chart 1. Everyone pick up random name tag.2. Take 10 minutes, introduce ourselves as the new name tag we pulled.3. Organize yourself into an organizational structure. 4
Organizational Structures 5
Organizational Layers 6Page 77 Thamhain(textbook)Where would you classify the role you picked for the activity? Why?
Organizational Continuum 7Page 77 Thamhain(textbook)
Organizational Continuum 8Page 80 Thamhain(textbook)
Where on the continuum does your human organizational chart fall? 9
Functional 10 Dinosaur of Structures: One of the oldestWide variety of titles, but structured very similarlyMy Prediction:They Will Become Extinct in the next 5 decades.
Functional 11
12Page 81 Thamhain(textbook)
Matrix 13The Chameleon of Structures: Flexible Adapts to multiple directions (vertical and horizontal) Cross functional teams
Matrix 14
15Page 85 Thamhain(textbook)
Projectized16The Structure where the PM has authority!Future is uncertain, it could evolve to adapt to the gig? project economy or would die with the increased demand for leaderless structures.
18Page 82 Thamhain(textbook)
The Project Managerand the Organizational Structure 19
Sharing Resources
Future of Organizations! 21
Gig Economy 22
Organizational Culture 24
Culture 25LanguageCustoms/Norms Artifacts Heroes & Legends
Culture Worksheet 26
Benefits of good organizational culture 27Improves Brand awareness & imageHigher retention of employeesA higher motivated workforce
28Activity: Lets create the culture of our classroom!
29Quick Review Page 8 Thamhain(textbook)
Looking Ahead! 30Case Study Presentations 5thclass Written assignment due end of Week 5. Lets form groups!
Looking Ahead! 31Managing Teams Techie will be techies!
32Wael (Lilo) AltaliMPA, PMP, [email protected]