Chat with us, powered by LiveChat Identify more with Benthams utilitarianism than Kants deontology, as learned in chapter 5. Results are more significant. For instance, one individual may dislike his neighbor so much | WriteDen

Identify more with Benthams utilitarianism than Kants deontology, as learned in chapter 5. Results are more significant. For instance, one individual may dislike his neighbor so much

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Introduction to Ethics

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I identify more with Bentham's utilitarianism than Kant's deontology, as learned in chapter 5. Results are more significant. For instance, one individual may dislike his neighbor so much that he willfully runs them over with his car, killing them. Another man accidentally drives over his neighbor while driving intoxicated and kills them. The first is morally repugnant, but they are both incorrect. And because the victim is already dead, what difference does it make? They are both equally dead, whether they died through murder or manslaughter.

I recently encountered a difficult situation in my workplace that required me to make an ethical decision. I worked for a particular company part-time while still in school. All along, I never really knew the ins and outs of the company. However, one time while delivering something to my boss’s office, I made a shocking discovery. My boss had collected data about all employees, including personal information about our relatives and work history. This was alarming because we had not consented to this; even worse, we were unaware of this development. I did not know whether to tell my fellow employees or not.

I had thought about this issue for a week until I decided to tell them finally. This is because this personal information could easily be misused against our will and knowledge, causing significant harm to our and our relatives' safety. On the other hand, I was afraid of being discovered and losing my job, but I still thought telling them was best because it was their right since it was their data. The employees raised concern and demanded to know the reason for this information, although they did not disclose my identity after passing information to them. Overall, I used utilitarianism in this situation since I considered the consequences of collecting this information illegally rather than the boss's intention, which I never found out about.



Reading both of their theories and ideas, I think I relate more with Kent’s Deontology. It’s a theory that basically comes down to knowing what is right and wrong. I believe that intention is more important than consequences because if you go into a situation and the results do not come out as you wanted them, at least you know you tried with the purest intentions you could give. Consequences can be bad, they can be terrible, but if you go into a situation knowing that you did your best with also your best intentions then I feel like it is better in the long run rather than doing something without good intentions. One situation I can think of where I tried to do morally right and with good intentions would be when I paid for the person behind me in the Dunkin Donuts line. Obviously, this is a common thing and not something that someone has to do but it is out of pure generosity. I told the lady at the window I wanted to pay for the girl behind me without knowing the total. It could have been six dollars it could have been twenty but I was not focused on the amount of the total I was more focused on doing something good for someone and possibly making their day without expecting something good in return. My decision was based solely on good intention rather than consequences. I did not care how much her order was I just knew I wanted to pay for it that morning even though I was aware I was low on money.


For me, I would say that I identify more with Kant’s deontology. For me, I would say that someone’s intentions are more important than the consequences. I would much rather my intentions be good than the consequences. In the textbook it talks about how a friendly neighbor was went to turn on the fireplace so that when his neighbors got home, they would be cozy. Although his intentions were good, the house caught on fire and the neighbors came home to ash. I do not believe that the friendly neighbor is at fault. His intentions were pure. Unfortunately, something bad did happen but he had good will. When I was a senior in high school, I was helping my dad with his car. He wanted to put a couple of subwoofers in his 1992 twin turbo 300ZX. We had to take parts of the door off to hide the wires. Well, we started finishing up and started putting everything back together. I accidentally tightened a screw too tight, and it had cracked the plastic on his door. As soon as it happened, I went to the other side to tell him. He did not hear it because we were listening to music while working on the car. I had to tell him. I did not want him to find out any other way. I knew it was the right thing to do. I think that my decision to tell him right then and there was a bit of both, intention, and consequence. I knew that my intentions were not to break it, and I also knew that he worked on his car all the time so if he found out later, I knew there were going to be consequences. When I told him, he did not get mad at me. He told me that he respected me for telling him the truth.


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