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Participation in this discussion ends 9/10 at 11:59 pm, no late discussion posts are accepted.

Please note: HEIC files (from Apple devices) won’t appear in Canvas, resulting in 0 points for your drawing – please submit as a different image file.

Create your own analogy for a cell!

You can focus on a Plant or Animal cell (not Bacteria or Archaea)

Note that Plant and Animal cells are similar, but have a few unique features

We all have different interests and expertise, so none of our analogies will be alike – be creative!

See the final slides of the Chapter 3 Powerpoint for details, but a summary is below

In your analogy, you should identify

1. The cellular structure you are comparing (cell membrane)

2. The analogous item in your analogy (skin of the Lion)

3. How they perform the “same”/similar functions (protect the cell/organism)

MUST Include at least 4 cellular components AND analogous features (will be graded on the first 4, but feel free to do as many as you like)

MUST include your analogy/cell drawing (you don’t need to be an artist)

NOTE: There are existing analogies that have been done by others, but this assignment must be your own – a lack of academic integrity will result is a 0 score

Check the rubric for this assignment as it is different from other writing assignments, specifically, note that you do NOT need citations for this assignment

There is still the “Fosters Discussion” rubric category

Be sure to make meaningful comments on 2 other student posts

Requirements: All in Details